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Tracking and Navigating Your Data in Sisu
Tracking and Navigating Your Data in Sisu
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How do I beta test upcoming Sisu features?Sisu has 3 different environments you can work with ⚙️
How do I do document reviews?Take your document review process to the next level with Sisu.
How do transaction statuses in Sisu work?Each status represents a critical step in your clients' journey.
How does the Snapshot work?The Snapshot page is one of the most popular pages in the Sisu platform. Here's how you can track your data with it.
How do I enter, track, and manage dual-side transactions in Sisu?Your buyer and seller transactions move at a different pace, so let's talk about how to reduce duplicate data entry.
How do I use the Transactions screen?In this overview, let's talk about how to search, sort, filter, add or remove fields, and more.
How do the team and personal Dashboards help me view my data?Knowing your personal and team numbers are a click away. 👉🏽
How do I track listings in Sisu?Here is how you can manage and differentiate between pre-signed and live listings, as well as managing expiration dates.
How do I filter the Transactions screen by rentals and referrals?
How do I give away Dashboard credit for rentals and referrals?
How do I forecast my closed transactions and income in Sisu?Here are all the options for forecasting closings, commissions, and income in Sisu.
How do I record my Activities in Sisu?Here is how to record Activities (which are different than Metrics)
How can admins and VAs track activities for my agents?For those agents that are difficult to get to track their activities - we make it easy for VA or Admin tracking on their behalf.
How do admins track expenses in Sisu?This video describes the two places to track expenses in Sisu - Admin > Expenses and Admin > Lead Sources
How do I remove (archive or delete) a transaction in Sisu?Agents can mark a transaction as "Lost" (archive). Admins can delete them if they are duplicate / erroneous.
How do I see a transaction's history of changes?On the Transaction History screen, you can see what changes have been made to a transaction.