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Setting Up the Lofty (Chime) Integration
Setting Up the Lofty (Chime) Integration

This article explains the steps needed to get started with the the Lofty (Chime) integration.

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We have split the Lofty integration into two articles:

  1. This setup article you are reading now.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Here are the four things you need to get in place before turning on the integration.

Prerequisite 1: Import your leads into Lofty correctly.

If you are switching over to Lofty, when you do your lead import into Lofty, you want to ensure the original lead date (which shows in Lofty as "Reg Date") and original lead source (which shows in Lofty as "Source") for each lead is preserved. In other words, you do not want your imported leads to have a Source of "Import" with a Reg Date of the day you imported them.

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The reason this is important is that the integration will retroactively populate Sisu's Lead Source counts for your leads. It's not a deal breaker if your leads weren't imported into Lofty correctly, but this functionality will be diminished if it isn't being driven off the original Reg Date and Source for each lead in Lofty.

Prerequisite 2: Create your Sisu Users.

Make sure each Sisu user is created and ensure their primary Email Address matches EXACTLY between Sisu and Lofty.

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The integration relies on matching each Lofty user to a Sisu user via their Email Address (not their Alternate Email Address). Without this matching, the integration won't work for that user - and that includes the integration's "ISA" functionality (discussed in the videos).

Prerequisite 3: Remove any "Appt Set (status)" or "Appt Met (status)" task list triggers.

Before the integration is turned on, you should remove any "Appt Set (status)" and "Appt Met (status)" Task List triggers if you have them. You can add these triggers back to your Sisu task lists after the integration is enabled.

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The reason this is important is to prevent any unwanted tasks or emails from occurring via a Task List getting triggered during the integration go-live process. The initial integration synchronization can sometimes add appointment information to your existing Sisu transactions (assuming that information is missing on a Sisu transaction and the integration finds an appropriate Lofty appointment on the Lofty lead to utilize).

As soon as the integration is turned on, you can add the "Appt Set (status)" and "Appt Met (status)" triggers back to any necessary task lists again if desired.

Prerequisite 4: Make sure your existing CURRENT Sisu transactions (if they are already in Sisu) each have a Contact Email that uniquely matches a Lofty lead.

If you have Sisu transactions already, you should make sure your current transactions (Signed, Pending, Live Listing statuses) have a Contact Email that uniquely matches a Lofty lead.

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The reason this is important is that on your integration go-live night, we will try to uniquely match your existing Sisu transactions to Lofty leads (and possibly match or create Lofty transactions as well). Our matching process is driven by multiple data points (such as first name, last name, phone number, etc.) but to ensure the best chances of each Sisu transaction uniquely matching a Lofty lead, please make sure each Sisu transaction has a "Contact Email" filled out that exactly matches to only one Lofty lead's email address respectively.

Any Lofty transactions that created or matched against (and therefore become linked and managed via the integration) will have "[Linked to Sisu]" appended to their name. For example, "123 Main St, Aspen, CO 12345 [Linked to Sisu]". These are transactions that you don't want to delete in Lofty since the integration will be managing them.

During the go-live, if necessary, we will give you a Sisu transaction matching report that will show your matched Sisu transactions along with your unmatched Sisu transactions and why they couldn't be matched.

If a current Sisu transaction doesn't match a Lofty lead, it simply means it won't show up when you look at that Lofty lead's bridge page and it won't get updated via the integration. Depending on the nature of the transaction, this can be a relatively minor thing and generally, teams don't worry too much about the few Sisu transactions that might not have been matched. However, if desired, you can make adjustments so that we can uniquely make a match to a Lofty lead and we can rerun the matching process if requested.

ℹ️ Note

Importing your historical/closed transactions is NOT a prerequisite to turning on the integration and can be imported into Sisu LATER.

Additionally, if your historical/closed LOFTY transaction data is accurate and you need an export of that data (so it can be imported into Sisu using the process linked above), we have a utility to perform this export since Lofty doesn't currently provide transaction export functionality. We can export your historical/closed Lofty transactions directly into the Sisu import spreadsheet template format (discussed in the link above) so you can review and clean up your data before importing into Sisu. Just let us know if you need this.

Step 2: Watch These Three Training Videos

How Transaction Syncing Works

How Lead Source and Lead Source Counts Syncing Works

How Activity Syncing Works

Step 3: Reach Out To Support With the Following Info

Reach out to the Sisu Success Team via a new thread (or if you already have a support thread where you are already discussing the Lofty integration, use that instead) with the following THREE items:

Item 1: Your Lofty account owner's API key (NOT just a regular admin's API key)

πŸ“– More Info

We will use your Lofty account owner's API key to connect the integration. Here is where you can find it - but again, you must do this from the Lofty owner's account:

Note - If you have a Lofty enterprise account, we will reach out directly for more discussion.

Item 2: Your chosen Sisu Conversation threshold duration.

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When using the Lofty dialer, any calls over this threshold duration will increment a Sisu conversation as well. We tend to recommend a conversation threshold duration of 5 minutes, but we can set it to any number of minutes.

Note - If you choose your personal cell phone number to make Lofty calls (even if you are calling through the Lofty mobile app), Lofty does NOT record a call duration and therefore, we will not be able to increment a Sisu conversation.

Item 3: Your desired go-live night.

πŸ“– More Info

Because of the heavy processing that can occur during the initial integration go-live process/synchronization, Lofty has requested we turn on new teams to the integration at night. We tend to start this process around 11 pm ET, and then we will let you know the following morning (generally before 8 am in your timezone) when the integration is on.

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