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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dotloop Integration
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dotloop Integration
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How often is Dotloop updated with information from Sisu?

Data from Sisu is only added to the Loop the first time the Loop is created. Loop status is an exception and will update based on the status of the Sisu transaction

Which Loop fields pull information from Sisu?

When you create a new Loop in Sisu, information from Sisu's form fields is pulled into the new Loop's Details page. To learn which fields in Sisu are mapped to fields in Dotloop, check out the section called All Loop Fields Mapped to Sisu Fields from the Knowledge Base article Creating a Loop in Sisu.

How do I sync my Dotloop templates with Sisu?

Go to your User Profile (Account > Profile) and click the Sync Templates button on the left.

When you click this button, a Sisu tag will be created and named for each of your templates in Dotloop. All users now have access to the template tags. Each user does not need to click the button. This only needs to be done once for the whole team.

How do I make sure that my new Loops have a template applied?

In the Transaction Overview (or another form with the Tags field), click the Tags field and select a template tag from the list.

What happens if a user in Dotloop doesn't match a user in Sisu?

If the integration can't match a Dotoop user's email or name with a user in Sisu, the Dotloop user won't be mapped to a user in Sisu, which means their actions won't affect the integration.

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