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Topics in this article:

  • Client Portal Features

  • List of Setup Articles for Admins

  • URL for Logging into Client Portal

  • URL for the Full Collection of Client Portal Articles

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Client Portal Features

πŸ“– Note: For more information about Client Portal and its features, check out the full collection of Client Portal articles in our Knowledge Base.

Roadmap templates and client roadmaps

  • Roadmap Templates: In Client Portal's Roadmap Builder, admins can make roadmap templates, which allow them to quickly create roadmaps for multiple transactions and apply steps to them. Once you assign a roadmap template to a transaction, a new roadmap is created in their Client Portal and the template's steps are applied to it. New roadmaps are no longer tied to the template that created them. That means you can customize each roadmap without worrying about changing the original template.

  • Client Roadmaps: A roadmap is a visual timeline that shows each step of the buying or selling process, including important information, dates, and milestones. When clients log in, they'll be able to see their personalized roadmap. In Sisu, as tasks get completed and dates get entered into forms, the corresponding steps in the roadmap will be marked as complete.

    (The screenshot below shows an example of a client roadmap. The gray circles on the left turn green when the task is completed in Sisu.)

Customizable (one-off) roadmaps

After a roadmap template has been assigned to a client, you can customize the steps of the roadmap. You can do this directly from the roadmap itself.

Comment threads

  • Teams can use comment threads to communicate and coordinate with clients. Team members can also create internal comment threads to communicate with each other about transactions, tasks, and documents.

Comment notifications

  • Any user who is @mentioned in a comment will be notified via email. You can also see all your comment threads where you've been @mentioned in the Notifications panel.


Anyone can upload a document to Client Portal and download those documents. Admins can create internal and client-facing folders in order to keep the documents organized and to make sure that internal documents aren't visible to clients.

Client and vendor access

  • Clients can log into Client Portal in order to see roadmaps, which will update in real time as you complete each step. They can use comments to stay in touch with you and they can access any document folders that you give them access to.

  • If you choose, you can give access to title, escrow, attorney, and mortgage vendors. Like with clients, they can see roadmaps, they can start comment threads, and they can have access to document folders that you give them access to.

  • Users with an Essentials subscription to Sisu can still give their vendors access to Client Portal. However, their vendors will have access to fewer features.

List of Setup Articles for Admins

These articles will help you set up your roadmap templates and your document folders.

URL for Logging into Client Portal

URL for the Full Collection of Client Portal Articles

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