This short video explains new features in Sisu that enable more accurate tracking and reporting for ISAs. 

Some things to note:

  • Agent dashboard:  Shows all appointments set BY and FOR the agent.  The reason for this is you want to be able to see how many total appointments the agent had set on their calendar, vs. how many were actually met to get an accurate conversion ratio there.

  • ISA dashboard (which could be for an agent as well if they acted as an ISA for a transaction):  Shows only appointments that were set by the ISA, and the result of those appointments in the subsequent circles/tiles.

  • IMPORTANT -  If you set an appointment as an ISA (i.e. you are selected in the "Appt Set By (ISA)" field) but you are setting that appointment for yourself (i.e. you are ALSO the ASSIGNED AGENT on the transaction), this will NOT count as an appointment set by an ISA and will NOT show up on the ISA dashboard. In this case, it will ONLY show up on the Agent Dashboard.

  • Agent leaderboards and contests:  Both of these will filter out any appointments set by an ISA.

  • ISA leaderboards and contests:  Shows only appointments set by the ISA

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