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What's the difference between Activities and Metrics in Sisu?
What's the difference between Activities and Metrics in Sisu?

Metrics are clickable. Activities are not.

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If you look at your dashboard, you'll notice that some of the metrics are "clickable". This means that there is data (transactions) sitting behind them. A good example of this is "Listing Appointments Met". In Sisu, I don't log Listing Appointments Met by clicking +1 on a counter—rather, I do this by creating a transaction with a "Listing Appointment Met" date. This helps you have much better reporting data. Also, these appointments will be sitting in your transaction screen when you need them, so that you don't have to re-enter data (think of appointments in Sisu as very early stage transactions)

With a CRM integration, I perform specific activities in the CRM which add transactions to Sisu for me, and then fill out the corresponding dates to make them count towards certain metrics. So if I have a lead in my CRM and I tag it "listing appointment met", it will pull that lead over from your CRM and into Sisu and give it an appointment met date, thus logging an appointment met. 

We have worked with tons of teams on this and have found this, by far, to be the best way to track this type of data.

So, to recap, there are two types of data in the system. 

The first, the ones which are clickable, we tend to call Metrics. 

There is another type of data, which is not clickable, called Activities.  These are simply counters that you can click + or - to change the numbers. There is no other data behind them. 

It is highly recommend that you do not create custom Activities to replace Metrics. So, I would not want to create a new activity called "Listing Appointments". I would simply want to use the transaction-driven Metric for Listing Appointments. 

There are a handful of reasons for this, but the main one is that any report in the system will look at the Listing Appointments Metric and will not recognize your new custom activity in this same light. 

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