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What is the best strategy for my Contests / Challenges?
What is the best strategy for my Contests / Challenges?

Here's how we recommend running your Contests / Challenges.

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Did you know for every .6% increase of agent software and system engagement you can get, you will increase sales by 1%?

Think about that next month when you pay your monthly CRM bill and realize that only 50% of your agents have EVEN LOGGED IN. 

Do you want to get the most out of your team? One of the reasons why you use Sisu is to use gamification to drive more business.

We can help. Here is a framework for Sisu sales challenge/contest success;  

  • Run challenges on a monthly timeframe so that you can easily sort them to show ALL challenges over a month (expired and active) to show who is in the lead. Display this in the office throughout the month.

  • A good benchmark is to run point values based on conversion ratios. So if my teams conversion ratio is 25 contacts to set one appointment, I can benchmark and say that a call is worth 10 points, and an appointment is worth 250. And if 2 appointments turns into a signed client, I can say that a signed client is worth 500... get what I'm saying? 

  • We typically recommend teams put a higher emphasis on LEAD measures. So instead of having Contacts (Conversations) = 10 points and appointments 250 points make Contacts (Conversations) = 10 points and appointments 100 points. This puts a little extra reward for those agents who are really trying their hardest. 

  • You can run weekly, daily, or monthly challenges of all types--just make it so that the overall contest runs over a month's timeframe, so that you can tie some kind of reward to the entire scoreboard and everyone will compete over the course of the month! 

  • Unless you have a group of huge performers, try to stick to lead measures in general for your contest. These will result in closings and improve your bottom line anyways, but it gives everyone a chance to compete.

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