Sisu isn't just for accessible data - its for visual data. The more your team sees their performance, the more they'll be able to analyze and make improvements.

We love when we walk into a teams office and they have Sisu blown up on a 60 inch flatscreen for everyone to see. It creates a fun, competitive environment. 

It's pretty easy to do.

Just load up Sisu on your device and plug it into your TV, or load it up from your smart TV's browser. 

Once you're in, make sure you're on your dashboards tab from the top menu. You can select your personal or team dashboards

Your dashboard will be scaled to fit the monitor with four different displays, each showing different key information. They will rotate every 15 seconds, but you can select one by hitting pause and selecting your desired display.

Be sure to select the "full screen" option too, and you'll have some fine eye candy in your office  🍭

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