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How do I display Sisu on a TV monitor?
How do I display Sisu on a TV monitor?

Here's how we recommend showing Sisu on a flat panel / TV monitor on you wall.

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One of the coolest things about Sisu is engaging your agents with the data that you're tracking. Too many teams are working like crazy to capture all the data in a spreadsheet and fail to realize that, while the data might be useful for the admin team, the spreadsheet creates no value for the agents. Sisu solves that, and TV-designed dashboards help you engage them at an even higher level. We have a couple recommended products for displaying Sisu on your monitors.

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A slightly cheaper option, this handy little device plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. Then, you can download a plugin on your Chrome browser that, with the click of a button, will display any screen you want on your TV monitor. 

Display Recommendations

We've built some professionally designed display flows that you can access by clicking "display mode" on any of your dashboards, or in your challenges section. 

If you wish to display additional items or flows that we may not have created, we recommend using RevolverTabs, a free Chrome extension that will allow you to create a custom flow. 

Additionally, in order to prevent your Chromebit from sleeping, we recommend you install a Chrome extension called "Keep Awake."

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