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Setting Up the Move Concierge Integration
Setting Up the Move Concierge Integration
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Optional Set Up: OPT OUT

If you want the ability to opt out certain clients from the move concierge, there is a form field you can add to any Sisu form you choose. Go to Admin > Team Settings > Forms and Fields. Select the form you want the field to be added to. Scroll down and search for "Move Concierge - Opt Out" and click the blue arrow to add it to your form.

Any transaction where this field is set to "Yes" when the transaction goes to PENDING status, will NOT be contacted by Move Concierge.

Additionally, there is a Sisu field called "Listing Type" that can be added to any form (just like above). If that form field is in use and any of the following are set, Move Concierge will NOT reach out.

  • Land

  • Commercial

  • Ranch/Farm

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