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How "At Bat" Counts Work when Sisu Integrations Are Enabled
How "At Bat" Counts Work when Sisu Integrations Are Enabled
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Understanding What Increases "At Bat" Counts

"At Bat" numbers show how many opportunities an agent had to work with leads.

Any time an agent is assigned to a lead, the next time data is synced with Sisu an At Bat will be added to that agent's At Bat totals.

Locating "At Bat" Counts in Sisu

1. In Classic, go to Admin > Lead Sources.

2. Click the Counts and Expenses button in-line with a lead source. This opens the Counts and Expenses screen. The Agent At Bat section is right below the Register Expenses section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do default agents still get an At Bat each time they're assigned a lead?

Yes. This means that if you assign leads to a default agent and then reassign those leads to other agents, the default agent will have inflated At Bat numbers.

Can I change At Bat numbers manually in Sisu, even with an integration turned on?

Yes! However, if you decide to change At Bat numbers manually, we recommend that you change counts for previous months instead of the current month. If you manually change the At Bat numbers for the current month when you have a Sisu integration enabled, the At Bat numbers in Sisu will return to what they were each time the integration syncs.

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