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Integrating Your CRM to Sisu Recruiting
Integrating Your CRM to Sisu Recruiting
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All our Sisu Direct CRM integrations are designed specifically for our Real Estate platform. However, we have done our best to also make these integrations compatible with the Sisu Recruiting platform as well. Please review the following 3 limitations:

1. Sisu Teams must have separate CRM accounts for Real Estate and Recruiting tracking. If you only have 1 CRM account that you want connected to a RE Team AND a Recruiting team you MUST ensure there are no duplicate users.


An agent with an email of [email protected] can NOT be on both the Real Estate team and the Recruiting team. You’d need to create a unique user on the Recruiting team and have a matching user in the CRM.

2. Lead types must remain Buyer or Seller.

  • Leads/deals labeled Buyer will pass through as New Recruit (in the field Client Type)

  • Leads/deals labeled Seller will pass through as Experienced Recruit (in the field Client Type)

ℹ️ CINC Note

CINC allows for a “Recruit” type, but our integration will only process leads that are “Buyer” or “Seller.”

ℹ️ FUB Note

For FUB, make sure your Deal Pipelines are either "Sisu Buyer" or "Sisu Seller."

3. The stages/labels/dates that currently sync are...

  • Pending

  • Appointment Set

  • Appointment Met

  • Closed

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