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Multi-site CRM Integrations
Multi-site CRM Integrations

If your team supports multiple CRM instances and are requesting a Sisu integration, please read this page.

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If you have multiple CRM sites that feed into Sisu and you want all these sites to feed into a single Sisu team instance, an integration needs to be set up for each CRM site. You can set up as many as needed but this needs to be done by Sisu. Contact Sisu for setup via the Sisu chat bubble.

ℹ️ Note

CRMs may have different names for their different sites. For Boomtown, multiple sites are called “tenants” and for others like Sierra and CINC, they are called "sites."

Important Note Affecting CINC & Sierra

Within each CRM instance, each user needs to be unique. This means that the user's first and last name can be the same but the email address needs to be different and unique since they are used as unique identifiers. Note that this is already a BoomTown requirement.

Our Suggestion for Setup

We suggest you keep the same user names but use different email addresses for the accounts in each CRM. In Sisu, you will need to create a second user with the same name but using the matching email address.


These three user accounts (user & email) will also need to be in Sisu with the correct matching email addresses. This might look like duplicate users but the integration can tell them apart by their unique email addresses.

For many email providers, you can also use a plus sign (+) to create variations of a single email. Let's take the following emails into consideration:

For those using Gmail, all these emails will be sent to the primary email address. However, the integration will recognize them as different emails.

You will need to share the CRM Admin/Broker/Owner credentials and Sisu will do the setup for you.

  • CINC typically has the same Broker (admin)/password for each site.

  • Sierra and Boomtown should have different admin accounts for each site.

Multi-site Integration Settings

When using multi-sites, you will only have access to configure one of the sites. If you need to change the settings for the other sites, please contact Sisu to make the changes for you.

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