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Integrating Sisu Recruiting and ActiveCampaign (Zapier)
Integrating Sisu Recruiting and ActiveCampaign (Zapier)

Here's how our Zapier ActiveCampaign integration works and integrates with the Sisu Recruiting platform.

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We recognize how important it is for agents, teams, and administrators to not only eliminate data entry but also capitalize on the data in their other systems, which is why we are offering the integration between Sisu and ActiveCampaign at no cost!

ActiveCampaign is a real estate transaction management platform that helps brokers and their agents manage their recruitment efforts.

How To Get Integrated

We are more than happy to set up this integration for you! This will require you to share your ActiveCampaign login credentials. If you'd like to go with this option just start a conversation with our team via the chat box in Sisu and request the ActiveCampaign integration. We will ask you to share you credentials with us via a secure link. Once provided our team can set up the integration ASAP!

If you'd prefer not to share your login credentials, that's okay too! You'll just need to complete the configuration steps listed below on your end and then share the API credentials with our team via the chat box in Sisu. The steps below will guide you through it!

Setting Up On Your Own? Here's How:

Configuration Steps

Add two custom fields:

Lead Source > %Source% - Lead Source should preferably be created as a Dropdown, see sample below.
Steps to create a dropdown field:

  • Contacts > Manage > Fields > Add Field

    • Type the field name: "Lead Source"

    • Field Type > Dropdown

    • Enter each Lead Source in the Option boxes

    • Click Add

Be sure your ActiveCampaign Lead Sources match your Lead Sources in Sisu exactly or they will not sync.

  • Recruit Type - (b=New/ s=Experienced) > %Recruit Type% . Type: Radio Button

    Steps to create a Radio Button:

    • Contacts > Manage > Fields > Add Field

      • Type the field name: "Recruit Type - (b=New/ s=Experienced)"

      • Field Type > Radio Button

      • Enter the two options on the option boxes

        • Option 1 = b

        • Option 2 = s

        • Delete the Option 3

      • Click Add

    Two required fields:

Add these three Tags:

Please use exact spelling. Navigate: Manage > Tags

  • Appt Set

  • Appt Met

  • Recruited

Create a Test contact

For Sisu to set up your account properly you need to create a test contact and add the following attributes to the contact:

  • Add a Lead Source (be sure it exists and matches in Sisu)

  • Add Recruit type > b (New recruit)

  • Add a Tag - Appt Set

Share With Us

ActiveCampaign API Credentials

For ActiveCampaign to communicate with Sisu, we will need the API Credentials from ActiveCampaign. To access these in ActiveCampaign navigate to Settings > Developer:

Login to Sisu and start a conversation with our team via the chat box. Share with us the ActiveCampaign API URL and API Key as well as your selected Recruiting Agent (the user that will be assigned to all of the recruiting leads).

Test The Integration

Testing Steps

  • In ActiveCampaign, add a test contact

    • Add a lead Source and be sure it exist and matches in Sisu

    • Add Recruit type (b or s)

  • One at a time, add an ActiveCampaign Contact Tag and inspect Sisu after refresh

    • Appt Set > Refresh Sisu Recruit page

    • Appt Met > Refresh Sisu Recruit page

    • Recruited > Refresh Sisu Recruit page

If you have an issue you can remove all tags and reapply them; the Zap is activated on ActiveCampaign "Tag Added".

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