Organization-level users will first select a team that will be their "model team." Then they can assign any of the model team's forms to other teams in the organization. Team admins won't be able to change or delete these forms.

  1. Go to Admin > Organization Settings.

  2. Select your organization.

    *IMPORTANT*: Once you make your selections on this screen, they're locked in and can't be changed.

  3. Click the Team drop-down and select the team you want to be your model team.

  4. In the menu on the left, click Team Forms. This makes the Organization Forms screen appear. There's a section for each of the model team's forms.

    Note: As the model team's forms are updated under the team's Forms and Fields settings, the Organization Forms screen will update to reflect the addition of new forms and the deletion of old ones.

  5. Click a form's Shared To drop-down and then click the checkboxes in the list to assign the form to other teams in the organization.

  6. When finished, click Save Changes.

  7. Repeat for all other forms.

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