If you want to send automated task-driven emails, we've got you covered, just check out this detailed article.

If you need to send transaction details and even documents to an individual transaction participant, a group of transaction participants or a non-transaction participant, these are the quick steps.

Email Now

To the right of your transaction, click on the "Email Now" button.

Default Message Content

By default we populate all the generated content from the corresponding Sisu form. If the form has few fields, then the default message content will only contain those form values.

Send To

The Send To drop down allows you to select any of the transaction participants, or even Sisu users (i.e. [email protected]). We group your transaction participants and Sisu users, however the quick search allows you to quick search for your desired email participant.

Sent To (Other)

In addition to Sisu users and transaction participants, you can email any email address.

Subject Message

To personalize either your form generated or email template generated email, simply personalize your direct email by typing in the Message content.

Email Template

Direct emails can also use your email templates that are used in your task generated emails.

To learn how to setup Email Templates that can be used in automated task generated templates or your direct emails, check out this article.

Creating links to your transaction forms for data entry/input requests

Want to send off emails to agents and ISA after the actual Appointment Date to ensure that the Appointment Set date was entered?

Check out this detailed walkthrough on how to have your emails automatically insert a link to your specific transaction form for the specific transaction.

Include Files

Send a copy of any transaction associated document attachment by selecting on the file. Your email participant will receive a link to download the provided document or file.

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