There are many reasons to provide view only access to transaction fields for ISA's or Agents; from accidental or even intentional transactional data changes, however, viewing the information may provide extreme value. Some examples;

  • Integration with other system: If you are receiving your date and other information from your CRM or other system, you may want to restrict the modification of key status and date movements, but want to make sure that the team can see critical information.

  • Lead source: Lead source analysis is critical, if you have Admin/TC team members that ensure that lead source is accurate, you can make Lead Source fields view only on Agent or ISA only forms.

Removing non-critical fields from your default Sisu transaction form

Setting up your Agent or ISA only forms with view only fields

Sisu fields per form can either be Required, View Only, or neither.

What does the Agent/ISA see when they are adding transactions on a form with view only fields?

When agents or ISA's are presented with the view only form for adding a transaction, only the fields that you allow for add, or required are presented on the data entry form.

What does the Agent/ISA see when they access a transaction that has view only fields - populated by third party systems or data entry, VA, admin staff

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