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How do admins use view-only fields to share key transaction data and keep the data safe from changes?
How do admins use view-only fields to share key transaction data and keep the data safe from changes?

Admins can share important view-only information while keeping it secure from accidental data changes. πŸ”

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If desired, admins can make a field "view-only." This means the field can be seen by any role, but it can only be edited by admins and TCs.

View-only fields are helpful in all kinds of situations; here's a couple scenarios when they could be useful:

  • Integration with other systems: If you're receiving your data and other information from your CRM or other systems, you may want to restrict the modification of key status and date movements, while allowing the team to see critical information.

  • Lead sources: If your admins and TCs want to make sure that lead sources are accurate, you can make lead source fields view-only on forms that agents and ISAs use.

Making Form Fields Required, View Only, Or Neither

  1. In Sisu, go to Admin > Team Settings > Forms and Fields.

  2. Click Edit in-line with a form.

  3. Scroll down to the Form Fields section, where you'll see the Required and View Only checkboxes.

  4. Do one of the following:

  • Click the Required checkbox to make the field required.

  • Click the View Only checkbox to make the field view only.

What does the Agent/ISA see when they're adding transactions on a form with view-only fields?

When agents or ISAs are presented with the view-only form for adding a transaction, only the fields that you allow for "Add" or are required are presented on the data entry form.

What does the agent/ISA see when they access a transaction that has view-only fields?

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