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How do admins create Sisu forms that are only available to certain Sisu groups?
How do admins create Sisu forms that are only available to certain Sisu groups?

Admins can set up forms for only certain groups.

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Sisu group functionality is used in many ways across our customer base. Our brokerage customers use user grouping to manage teams in the brokerage, groups are also used in large teams to have smaller segmented teams with focused team members on each team (i.e., coach, TC, ISA, Agents in groups). For more information on how to use and set up groups, click here.

Topics in this article:

Setting Up a Group(s)-Only Form

Adding or updating an existing form to ensure that only certain Sisu groups can add or modify certain transaction data is accomplished by selecting the Groups who will have access in the Restricted to Groups multi-select box.

How To Use a Multi-Select Box

To select both the ISA role and the agent role for form restriction, use the following keyboard shortcut:

  • Mac: Command + Click

  • Windows: Control + Click

Restricted from Roles or Restrict To Groups

Each form can either be restricted from Sisu roles or accessible to Sisu Groups; they cannot share permission sets.

Removing Non-Critical Fields from Your Default Sisu Transaction Form

The first step to restrict Sisu forms to certain Sisu groups is to remove and streamline fields from the Sisu default transaction form.

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