There are many reasons to restrict access to transaction fields from ISA's or Agents; from accidental transactional data changes to securing sensitive transaction data from agents/ISA's. Some examples;

  • Restricting access to transaction dates: If you are receiving your date information from your CRM or other system, you may want to restrict access to key date movements.

  • Lead source: Lead source analysis is critical, if you have Admin/TC team members that ensure that lead source is accurate, you can remove Lead Source fields from Agent or ISA only forms.

  • Sisu or other system fields: Unique identifies will keep Sisu in synchronization with other systems. To ensure that the data doesn't erroneously get changed and to allow Admins/TC flexibility in updating system linking information, you can restrict access to these fields from Agents and ISA's.

Removing non-critical fields from your default Sisu transaction form

Setting up your Admin/TC only forms

Adding or updating an existing form to ensure that Agents/ISA's cannot add or modify certain transaction data is accomplished by selecting both the ISA role and the Agent role in the "Restricted From Roles" multi-select box.

How to use a multi-select box

To select both the ISA role and the Agent role for form restriction is accomplished by using;

  • Mac: Command + Click

  • Windows: Control + Click

Here is a quick overview of how to setup an Admin only data entry or data view form

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