In the case that a user isn't getting the Password Reset email, an admin can change a user's password manually to something temporary so the user can get back into their account.

  1. Go to Admin > Users.

  2. Use the search bar to search for a user.

  3. In-line with a user, click the drop-down arrow on the left, and select Change Password from the list.

  4. On the screen that appears, enter a temporary password in the 2 password fields and click Change Password.

    Note: Make the password something simple and easy to remember. The user will be changing this password as soon as they can.

  5. Tell the user their new password.

  6. Teach the user how to change their new password to something personal.

    Note: If you'd like a document to send to a user explaining how they can change their own password, click here for an article from our Knowledge Base.

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