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Tracking Outbound Referrals (Money Going Out) and Rentals

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How giving away dashboard credit affects the dashboard in-depth:

Note. You can't give away / split the transaction amount (i.e., volume). You can only give away the dashboard credit for the units. The transaction volume will all go to the primary agent assigned to the transaction.

Tracking Inbound Referrals (Money Coming In)

  1. If you want the inbound referral to count towards volume, create a regular Sisu transaction with the transaction amount set to the inbound referral amount.

  2. OR if you DON'T want it to count towards volume, set the transaction amount to 0.

  3. Set the GCI to the inbound referral amount.

  4. Give away the dashboard credit (so it won't count towards units) on the commission form like the above video references.

Identifying Referral or Rental Transactions in Sisu

In Admin > Team Settings > Form and Fields, you can add one or both of these "yes/no" fields to your form(s):

  • Referral

  • Rental

Then, on the Transactions page, you can filter on these fields.

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