Integrating Sisu and Sierra Interactive with Zapier

Here's how to integrate and connect Sisu and Sierra Interactive using our corporate Zapier account.

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*IMPORTANT*: In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

The Sisu team has a set of zaps and a corporate Zapier account that work great for integrating the two platforms. Not only are we saving you time, but we're also saving you $20 a month... How's that for service? πŸ˜„
All you need to do is just log into your Sisu account, open up a chat conversation (lower-right corner), and ask for a Sierra interactive integration.

*IMPORTANT*: Include your website URL, an admin username and password (we will need full access to the account to set it all up), and if you are a GGMS client.

Yea, that's all you have to do.Β 

Oh, and you should probably watch the video below to make sure that everything will work how you want it to. There's some variation on the tags we create, but the intent is the same. We'll give you the specific deals upon setup.


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