Sisu provides the tools to drive you towards achieving your goals - but that doesn't do much good if you've set the wrong baselines.

As a team leader or broker/owner, you're responsible for setting the standard for your team.  We call these baseline goals.  They give each agent a point of reference for their performance and allow you to easily gauge the overall performance of your team. 📈

Here is a quick video to walk you through how our goal calculator works.

Once you are complete, you need to verify that goals are set (in Account > Goals) for the following (which are all independent of each other):

  1. Yearly goals for each agent

  2. Monthly goals for each agent

  3. Yearly goals for the team

  4. Monthly goals for the team

The reason the team's goals aren't simply the summation of the agents' goals is that while the team should take into consideration each individual agent’s goals, it shouldn’t only consider them. So, for instance, a team will often set a higher goal than the sum of the agents’ goals which will remind the team owner that, in order to hit that goal, they need to bring on additional agents or expand to another location. So, while the agents' goals definitely factor into the team's goals, they shouldn't be the only consideration.

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