How does a TC work in Sisu?

Here's how your transaction coordinators can work with your agents.

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If you've worked on a real estate team, you've probably come to really love your transaction coordinator. They're life savers. They keep the machine rolling. 🚜

And while everyone loves their transaction coordinator, transaction coordinators love Sisu. Why?

We've looked around, and, most transaction coordinators are stuck with spreadsheets to manage their transaction data. In Sisu Team, it's all tied together - making collaboration a breeze. πŸƒ

Take a look at some transaction management features in Sisu.

Topics in this article:

Managing Team Transaction Data from Sisu

Any administrator will have access to your entire team's transaction data.Β 

From there, they'll be able to access and edit all transaction data.Β 

Here's a few things they can do in Sisu (that they would have had to do in a spreadsheet anyway):Β 

  • When a deal closes, they can update it to exact transaction prices and commission cuts

  • Assign transactions to new owners

  • Delete (archive) transactions

Managing Personal Transactions from Sisu

As your agents track their data in Sisu, they'll create transactions. These will start as 1st time appointments, progress towards buyers/sellers with a deal, go under contract, and eventually close.

Here's a look at how they'll be able to access, sort, and edit their own personal transactions from the desktop platform.Β 

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