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Should admins use HTML in their notification templates?
Should admins use HTML in their notification templates?
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We do not recommend using HTML in your notification templates. HTML is not supported in NEXT so any templates you create in Classic that rely on HTML to style text will not be usable in NEXT. We instead recommend you build your notification templates in Sisu NEXT. Our new and improved text editor allows you to style text with the click of a button.

To create a notification template in NEXT, do the following:

1. Log into Sisu NEXT by going to and entering your same Sisu Classic credentials.

2. Go to Admin > Tasks > Task Settings > Task Notifications.

2. Click the Add New button.

3. In the Template Content editor, enter your email text and style it using the buttons.

4. Use the Add Field drop-down to insert merge fields in your email.

ℹ️ Note

When the email is sent, Sisu replaces merge fields with the recipient's personal information. For example, if you insert the {{closed_dt}} merge field, the email recipient(s) will see the date input into the Closed Settlement Date field in place of the merge field.

5. When finished, click the Create button.

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