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Using the CINC Integration to Pass Data to Sisu Recruiting

Can the CINC integration be used for Sisu Recruiting? Yes!

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The current CINC integration is not designed to be able to pass CINC recruit information to Sisu. However, the current integration CAN be used to pass data between CINC and SISU recruiting instances, with the following known limitations:

  1. The client must have separate CINC accounts for Transactional and Recruiting tracking.

  2. Leads within CINC must be marked buyer (for "new recruit") or seller (for "experienced recruit"). Marking leads as "Recruit" will NOT pass data at this time.

  3. The pipeline labels to pass data between systems must still be selected from the standard transactional list (e.g., Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Pending, etc.).

For help setting up the CINC integration, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

Set up the standard CINC configuration, and data will pass between CINC and SISU Recruiting as standard with the below exception:

- Leads labeled Buyer will pass through as New Recruit (in the field Client Type)

- Leads labeled Seller will pass through as Experienced Recruit (in the field Client Type)

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