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Required Prerequisites and Key Strategies for the CINC Integration
Required Prerequisites and Key Strategies for the CINC Integration
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Required Prerequisites

It's ESSENTIAL that you do each of these 3 prerequisites before turning on your integration!

1. Contact Us If You're Using Multiple CINC Websites

If you're running multiple websites in your CINC configuration, please reach out to Sisu first. It will require a 2-step setup process and some help from our support team.

2. Get Adequate Sisu Licensing

For Sisu licensing purposes, you'll need to ensure that you have a Sisu license for each active CINC user. If you try to exceed your license count, you'll receive an email stating that you have no licenses left. At that point, all agents above the current license count will be added as inactive users and can be updated to active in Sisu after additional licenses have been purchased.

3. Compare CINC Users with Sisu Users

If the integration can't match a CINC user's email or name with a user in Sisu, the CINC user won't be mapped to a user in Sisu, which means their actions won't affect the integration.

Key Strategies For Success

Make Sure Your Settings Reflect the Correct Timezone

All your activity and logged dates will be based on your team timezone settings. Before you turn on your integration, make sure that the timezone is accurate.

Make Sure Everyone Understands Your Configuration Settings

You, your team, and your agents need to know the triggers that will move CINC leads into Sisu and create transactions. These triggers are determined by your configuration settings. For more details about how these settings work, go to this article in our Knowledge Base, and then scroll down to Part 3, step 9.

What should I do next?

Once you complete all the prerequisites, you're ready to set up and turn on the CINC integration! You can actually set up the integration yourself by using the steps outlined in this article from our Knowledge Base.

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