Importing your tasks in Sisu is simple. Using a template it is very easy to fill the document accurately with all your tasks. The more information you provide, the better off you will be in the future. Few point before we starts:

  • If you simply want to add a few task lists and tasks by hand, here is how to do that.

  • If you intend to assign many specific user to the tasks, we suggest you ask your Implementation Coach for a customized template that will include all your users so you can select them from a drop-down list. Please specify if you want all users or only your active users in the list.
    If you skips this option, users can still be easily assigned to tasks after the import process.


  1. Optional - Add your users in Sisu, follow the instruction on this page. When done, ask your Implementation Coach for your custom Task List Template.

  2. Use one of the template below, Excel or GoogleSheets. Or Your implementation coach will send you your custom template with your users.

  3. Fill your template. Once done send the file back to your Implementation Coach and Sisu will do the rest.

Video instructions on how to load your data in the template (Excel)

Template Files

Menu: File > Make a Copy to use

Troubleshooting Google Sheet

If you are unable to [Make a copy] of the template, try the steps on this page.

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