Importing Your Vendors into Sisu

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Importing Vendors into Sisu

  1. Download one of the following templates:

    • Excel template: Click here to download this template.

    • Google Sheets template: Click here to download this template. Make a copy of it once it's downloaded.

      Note: One way to make a copy of a Google Template is to open the template and go to File > Make a Copy. If the "Make a Copy" button is grayed out, check out this article in our Knowledge Base for some troubleshooting tips.

  2. Open your copy of the template, and enter in as much information as you can. Save your changes when you're finished.

    Note: Green cells are the only required fields. Ignore all the gray cells.

  3. Submit your completed template for import directly by visiting:

    If you need any assistance completing the template, or have additional questions, Log into Sisu, and use the chat bubble to share the import spreadsheet with one of our Customer Success team members. They will be happy to assist with your submission.

Adding Vendors to Sisu Manually

If you don't have many vendors to add, you can add them yourself to Sisu without going through the import process. For help adding vendors to Sisu, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

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