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Before You Begin...

If you're new to Sisu, please read all the required onboarding articles before you request support.

Using the Chat Widget

The preferred way to request support from Sisu is to use our chat widget after logging into your Sisu account.

Important! Make sure you're logged into your Sisu account before using the chat widget. Otherwise, your support request will likely get lost.

Great reasons to use the chat widget:

  • The chat widget has a quick turnaround time for getting help and answers.

  • Your support request is properly associated to your team in Sisu.

  • Everything discussed in the chat is documented.

  • It's easy to continue an existing conversation.

Please only start a new conversation if you have a new question or topic.

If necessary, we're happy to hop on a Zoom call if we aren't able to resolve the issue/question using our chat widget.

Emailing Support

It's possible to request support by emailing [email protected] from an email address that's associated with your Sisu account. This is not preferred because if you don't use an email associated with a Sisu account, your support request could easily get lost and remain unanswered.

Please refrain from sending direct emails to Sisu associates (such as your Account Executive) with support requests. Your support request won't be tracked, so it will get lost.

What to Include When Reaching Out to Support

  • Tell us about your problem and what you need help accomplishing.

  • Include a transaction ID, if applicable.

  • Attach a Loom video, if possible. (see the section below for more information)

The Importance of Loom

We use a free tool called Loom ( that allows you to record your microphone and your screen. This allows you to easily create a video that will show us firsthand the problems you're having. Unless your issue is very trivial, it's often a good idea to shoot a Loom video for us to watch, because we may end up requesting one anyway.

Loom helps to...

  1. Improve clarity and remove misinterpretation (no matter how simple the issue might appear to you or one of your agents)

  2. Drastically speeds up the resolution of your question/issue

  3. Gets it prioritized higher with our product development team if a bug is found or a feature is needed

Please make sure your microphone is on when recording your video. Walk us through exactly what you're seeing!

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