Integrating Sisu and SkySlope

Here's how our native SkySlope integration works.

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*IMPORTANT*: In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

We recognize how important it is for agents, teams, and administrators to not only eliminate data entry but also capitalize on the data in their other systems, which is why the integration between Sisu and SkySlope is free.

SkySlope is a real estate transaction management platform that helps brokers and their agents manage audits, documentation, and contracts. Real estate professionals use SkySlope to collect, store, organize, and audit real estate transaction documents from anywhere at any time.

SkySlope is one of the industry's most beloved transaction management platforms. The data becomes even more powerful when it integrates seamlessly with Sisu.

Topics in this article:

Getting Started

1. Turn Off Any Existing SkySlope and Sisu Integrations: To ensure there are not any Sisu and SkySlope data inconsistencies turn off any existing Sisu and SkySlope integrations (i.e. API Nation, Zapier, Real Synch). If your business process is to create SkySlope transactions first, and then have those transactions create a Sisu transaction - feel free to use your current integration method, or wait until Sisu evolves this integration.

2. Accessing the SkySlope integration, Generating the SkySlope API Key, and Access Secret, and Testing Your Integration:  

You will access and maintain your SkySlope integration from the Sisu Integration Hub (Admin > Integrations Hub)

The video below demonstrates where to generate these credentials from SkySlope and how to add them to the configuration in Sisu and test.

**EXTREMELY IMPORTANT** - Your SkySlope API Access Key and Access Secret MUST be generated from a SkySlope Broker/Auditor or a Limited TC user - a regular Agent user will not have enough access for the integration to work properly. Also, if you are generating the API Key and Secret from a Limited TC user, the integration will only work properly for ALL users IF there is only ONE Limited TC user in your SkySlope account. The reason being is because inside of SkySlope, users with the Limited TC role can only see files they create or files they are added as a co-agent to (very similar to the Agent role). This Limited TC role, however, does NOT allow users to create files on behalf of other Limited TC users - it ONLY allows them to create files for other users with the Agent role in SkySlope. Therefore, if you have multiple Limited TC users in your SkySlope account, you must either use a Broker/Auditor account to generate the API Key and Secret OR you will need to get with SkySlope Support to make it so that you only have ONE Limited TC user (if you are generating the API Key and Secret from that account). Finally, each user with the Agent role in SkySlope must keep "Allow TC Access" enabled within their SkySlope "My Account" profile.

3. Broker/Owner/Primary Agent Designation in SkySlope and Option In Sisu to Set Many brokerages and teams (i.e. eXp, Realty ONE) will designate that the broker-owner is designated as the Primary Agent in SkySlope; however you do not want to lose the robust agent transaction metrics in Sisu.

If you have to designate the broker-owner as the owner of all transactions in SkySlope, make sure to select the option in the Sisu Automation Hub SkySlope administrator configuration.

4. Creating SkySlope Transactions from Sisu

The video below provides a great overview of how easy it is to use your existing Sisu information to quickly submit and update your SkySlope transactions.

Note: Again, your SkySlope API Access Key and Access Secret MUST be generated from a SkySlope BROKER account or TC account - a regular account will not have enough access for the integration to work properly.

Video Note: To optimize viewing, watch this video on Loom. You can do this by clicking the square icon with an arrow coming out of it, which appears in the top-right corner of the video.

Important Information

  • When you navigate to the SkySlope form in Sisu on a particular transaction, we immediately attempt (on "page load") to match the Sisu transaction with an existing SkySlope transaction. If a match is found, the SkySlope form in Sisu will display the direct SkySlope link at the top of the form. If no match is found, a direct SkySlope link will not be shown until you submit the Sisu SkySlope form, at which point a new SkySlope transaction will be created.

  • When a Sisu transaction is matched to a SkySlope transaction (existing or new), it will NOT automatically sync data from Sisu to SkySlope. It will ONLY sync data when the Sisu SkySlope form is SUBMITTED.

  • Often users get confused when submitting the SkySlope form for a buyer and finding out that Listing Agent Commission % (LAC %) and Seller Phone are required. This is required by SkySlope and isn't something we can control. But, you technically should have this information. While, yes, you are working with a buyer to purchase a house, the "Offer of Compensation" (i.e. the thing that happens when a house is listed on the MLS and will show on the MLS entry for that property) will define what the Total Commission % is (often 6%), what the Listing Agent Commission % is (LAC % - often 3%), as well as what the Buyer Agent Commission % is (BAC % - often 3%). So, even though you are working with a buyer, you should know the percent you will be getting paid because the listing agent (not the buyer's agent) establishes this percentage when they list the house on the MLS. Also, since the house is being purchased from the seller, you should have the seller's phone number.

Current Limitations

  • The integration is primarily designed to work with a single SkySlope office. If you want to run multiple offices in SkySlope and have them connected to Sisu, we will need to set up an additional Sisu team (which would mean separate dashboards, leaderboards, reports, transactions, etc.) and then you can configure the other Sisu team to integrate to the other SkySlope office. Important - If any of your agents span multiple SkySlope offices (i.e. selling into multiple geographic locations), they will need a unique login to each Sisu team to properly address commission/splits.

  • This is a 1-way push to SkySlope from Sisu. If you need to update a SkySlope transaction, make your changes in Sisu and then click on Submit to SkySlope.

  • Currently, the integration can't receive documents from Skyslope to add to Sisu.

  • The SkySlope API (and therefore this integration) does not allow us to send completed listing transaction data (such as a closing date) to SkySlope for listings and therefore does not allow us to move the SkySlope transaction status forward automatically. What this means specifically is we can't take a SkySlope "listing" and turn it into a SkySlope "transaction" with their API yet. Until then, certain listing fields will have to be filled out manually in SkySlope.

  • If a transaction is canceled in SkySlope, it is not possible for Sisu to synch to that SkySlope transaction anymore and it can't be reactivated with the integration. In this case, you will need to change the address name (just slightly) in Sisu and submit it to SkySlope so a new SkySlope transaction is created.

  • Some SkySlope configurations require lenders ("Mortgage" type in Sisu) to have complete contact information (Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, and Contact Email) filled out in Sisu (Admin > Vendors). We do not have any control over this. If these fields are not filled out, SkySlope will reject Sisu's attempt to send the transaction's information over to SkySlope.

Matching Sisu Users with SkySlope Users

  • ALL Sisu users (that have transactions assigned to them) MUST exist in SkySlope (and MUST be in the same "office") with the same email address that is used in Sisu OR you can set an Alternate Email Address in Sisu that must exactly match their SkySlope email address. If an Alternate Email Address is filled out, it will be given preference when trying to match Sisu users with SkySlope users (i.e. it will look for that address in SkySlope first).

  • We update the Sisu-to-SkySlope user matching automatically every 30 minutes. You can manually run the sync so that new users can create and submit updates to SkySlope transactions by clicking on the Re-match users button.

Video Note: To optimize viewing, watch this video on Loom. You can do this by clicking the square icon with an arrow coming out of it, which appears in the top-right corner of the video.

  • You can see the user current matches (and what email address they matched on) in Admin > Automation Hub > SkySlope at the bottom of the view:

Matching SkySlope Transactions

Sisu tries to match existing SkySlope transactions based on the following:


  • Sisu: "Address Line 1"

  • SkySlope: "Street No." + "Street Name"

Transaction Type

  • Sisu: "Client Type"

  • SkySlope: Sale or Listing

Mapping Fields

Buyer Specific fields:

Sisu Field Name →

SkySlope Field Name


Sale Price

Seller Specific fields:

Sisu Field Name →

SkySlope Field Name


Listing Price

SIGNED DATE or MLS LIVE DATE [only if both Signed Date and MLS Live Date are set]

Listing Date


Expiration Date

General fields

Sisu Field Name →

SkySlope Field Name


Contract Acceptance Date

CLOSED (SETTLEMENT) DATE or FORECASTED CLOSED DATE [only if Closed (Settlement) Date is not set]

Escrow Closing Date

CREATED [this is a read-only field that says when the transaction was created]

Lead Date


Escrow Number


Property: Street Address


Property: Unit


Property: City


Property: County


Property: State


Property: Zip


Property: YearBuilt


MLS Number

Is it possible to send documents from Sisu to Skyslope?

Yes! This can be done from within the Transaction. Just navigate to the Documents page (within the Transaction) and select Documents to send to the Skyslope file email address.

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