Frequently Asked Questions About Roadmaps
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What's the difference between a roadmap template and a roadmap?

  • Roadmap template

    • Created by (and only visible to) admins

    • Roadmap templates contain the steps that make up a roadmap

    • A single roadmap template can be applied to any number of transactions

    • Templates are built using Sisu tasks, key dates, and task lists

  • Roadmap

    • Visible to clients, agents, and admins alike

    • A client's roadmap appears in Client Portal when a Sisu user applies a template to the client's transaction.

    • Roadmaps are a visual timeline that shows each step of the buying or selling process, including important information, dates, and milestones.

    • Roadmaps can be changed after the template is applied.

    • Changes made to the roadmap don't affect the template. And vice versa.

    • When the Sisu task that corresponds to a roadmap step is deleted from a transaction's task list, the step disappears from the roadmap.

    • Marking a task as Completed in Sisu updates the roadmap.

    • Entering key dates in the corresponding form fields in Sisu will also update date-driven roadmap steps.

How do I make client roadmaps appear in Client Portal?

After admins build roadmap templates, you need to assign these templates to your transactions. Once you assign a roadmap template to a transaction, a new roadmap is created in their Client Portal and the template's steps are applied to it. At this point, Sisu users and clients alike will be able to see the roadmap in Client Portal.

πŸ“– For help assigning templates to transactions, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

If I edit a roadmap template, will it change client roadmaps that I've applied the template to?

No. When you make a change to a template, it doesn't change roadmaps you've already applied the template to. Once you apply a template, the client's roadmap is no longer tied to the template.

For this reason, deleting a template does NOT unassign a roadmap from a transaction. Roadmaps and any enabled step notifications will persist even after the original template was deleted.

Are client roadmaps still connected to Sisu in some way?

Yes! Every step in a client's roadmap is connected to Sisu. Some steps are connected to a client's assigned tasks and task lists in Sisu, while key date-related steps are connected to certain Date fields in your forms. You can edit the name and description of the steps in a roadmap, and they'll still be tied to Sisu. Thanks to this functionality, your client roadmaps will update as you update Sisu.

How are steps in a roadmap marked as complete?

When a step is completed, you'll see the gray circle in-line with the step turn green.

To complete a task-driven step, you mark the task as complete in the transaction's task list.

To complete a date-driven step, you enter a date in the corresponding form field.

When you change the name of a task in Sisu, does it change the name of my roadmap steps?

No. Changing the names of tasks has no effect on the names of the steps in roadmaps or roadmap templates.

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