Uploading Documents in Client Portal
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In Client Portal, you can upload documents to each transaction. These documents even show up in Sisu. Clients will be able to upload to client-facing folders, while you and your team can use both client-facing and internal folders to organize and access each transaction's documents.

To upload a document to a transaction in Client Portal, admins and agents must do the following:

  1. Log into Client Portal.

  2. Navigate to a client's transaction by doing one of the following:

    • Use the contact search bar

    • Click in-line with a transaction in the Recently Viewed Transactions section

    • Click in-line with a transaction in the Transactions section

  3. Click the Documents tab.

  4. Click on a folder to open the folder.

  5. Click the Upload Files button.

  6. Drag and drop a file into the window and then click the Upload button. The document will appear in both Client Portal and Sisu, and you can download it from either location.

ℹ️ Note

The folder structure that appears in Client Portal appears in Sisu NEXT, but not Sisu Classic.

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