Complete each of the following processes in order to create your roadmaps and get Client Portal up and running for your clients.

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1. Create Tasks and Task Lists in Sisu

Each step of each roadmap is connected to Sisu through tasks and dates that already exist in Sisu. So when a task is updated in Sisu, Client Portal is also updated. This means that before you even create a roadmap, you must have your tasks in Sisu in order. For each task-related step that you want to include in a roadmap, there must be a task in Sisu. You can also use task lists to build your roadmaps.

For help creating tasks and task lists, check out this article in our Knowledge Base. You can also register for Sisu 101, which has a free weekly course on tasks. Anyone can join and you can even ask private questions via the chat.

2. Build Roadmap Templates

In Client Portal's Roadmap Builder, you can make roadmap templates that you can then assign to any number of transactions. Roadmap templates contain the steps that make up a roadmap—a personalized visual timeline that shows important information, dates, and milestones.

For help building roadmap templates, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

3. Assign Your Roadmap Templates to Transactions

With your roadmap templates created, you can now assign them to transactions. Once you assign a roadmap template to a transaction, clients can log into Client Portal and view their roadmap.

For help assigning templates to transactions, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

4. Help Your Clients Log Into Client Portal

Once your roadmap templates are assigned to transactions, Client Portal is ready to be used by your clients! Clients can log in by going to, or if you have a branded Client Portal, you can send them a branded link that puts your own branding on the login screen as well.

For help sending a branded Client Portal link to your clients, check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

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