Prominent Features Released in 2021:

NEW FEATURE: There's a new endpoint that will check active and used license count

A new endpoint was created to check the license count for a specific team. Agents can't be added to a team unless there are unused active licenses.


NEW FEATURE: We now allow the display order to be set for custom forms

When creating or editing a custom form via API we now allow the ability to set the order of the form fields.


"fields": [


"field_name": "first_offer_dt",

"optional": false,

"view_only": true,

"display_order": 2



"field_name": "air_inspector_vid",

"optional": false,

"display_order": 1


NEW FEATURE: There's a new method that allows GET team commission templates

We've added a new method that allows GET team commission templates. If no template_ID is specified it would return a response of all templates for that team. If a template_ID is specified, the response would include the details of that commission template.


NEW FEATURE: We now allow a transaction to be updated with an associated commission template

This feature allows a client transaction to be updated with a specific commission template.

POST {{url}}/v1/client/{client_id}/apply-template/{commission_template_id}

Documentation (commission template IDs can be retrieved here)

NEW FEATURE: Commissions data can now update via API

This update allows you to do just about anything commission-related via the API that you could in the user interface.

This means:


Adding referral adjustments

Adding pre-split adjustments

Adding splits

Adding post-split adjustments


This opens a new realm of possibilities with what could be integrated into Sisu, specifically with any kind of brokerage-owned back office system (like DASH or AccountTech). Moving commission numbers back and forth between these platforms could be very interesting.

Documentation (this is a good starting point)

NEW FEATURE: We've added the ability to create a custom form

Many integrations require the creation of a custom form to ensure that the appropriate fields are being completed and updated. This new enhancement will allow the creation and update of custom forms.


NEW FEATURE: Vendor attributes can now be updated without using the vendor ID

API users can now update a client transaction with vendor information for a vendor that already exists. You can just pass the name, as opposed to having to use the vendor_ID (which requires additional lookups or storage on our side).

Just include the vendor name in the vendor attribute that includes "_vid".


"mortgage_company_vid": "NewVendor"

This will do a lookup for that vendor name, and if it doesn't exist, a new vendor will be created with that name in the vendor table.

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