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Upcoming Events

  • Sisu Mastery:

    • Tickets: Go to to buy tickets!

    • Dates: This event will take place on November 6-8, 2023.

    • About: Ready to lead decisively and supercharge your tech platform? The Sisu Mastery Workshop is designed for elite leaders: brokers, sales managers, and directors of ops.

      This isn't a passive workshop. In 2 days, deep dive into optimizing tech, enhancing leadership, fortifying team alignment, and refining systems.
      Concerned about team adoption or feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got you. Past attendees rave about the actionable insights and unmatched networking. Riley Kratzer says: "The insights were instantly actionable. Networking was the highlight. You need to experience this."

      At this next Sisu Mastery, we're going to focus on the following:

      🔸 Authentic Leadership: Drive tech success from the top.

      🔸 Operational Mastery: Powerful tech implementation hacks.

      🔸 Expert Insights: Engage in a half-day mastermind with industry giants, including Sisu CEO Brian Charlesworth. Discover secrets behind 200+ transaction growth in just a year!
      🔸 Exclusive Experiences: Marvel at the "Great Wall of Sisu" and dive hands-on into our "Sisu Implementation Lab."

      Join Sisu Mastery. Lead boldly. Operate sharply. Make 2024 unforgettable.

Ongoing Events (Recurring Basis)

  • Sisu Mastermind: We run a ~30 minute live Mastermind call via Zoom every Wednesday at 10:00 Mountain Time. Add it to your calendar and join each week using this link. During the call, we discuss the latest feature releases and progress on the platform. It's live and interactive, and you can ask questions on any topic.

  • Sisu 101: Looking to get up and running fast with Sisu? Sisu 101 is the place to start. These are three sessions that we run every week designed to get you up and running on the platform in one week.

    The sessions are progressive, so be sure to register for them individually, add them to your calendar, and attend them in order for best results.

    Session 1 is on Intake Forms and Fields.
    Session 2 is on Commission and Income Management.
    Session 3 is on Task Management and Transaction stages.

    These sessions are 30 minutes of training and then 30 minutes of discussion/Q&A. If you make the time, focus, and execute on these trainings, you will be up and running on the platform in no time.


  • Session 1 is on Intake Forms and Fields

  • Session 2 is on Commission and Income Management

  • Session 3 is on Task Management and Transaction stages

Other webinars and mastermind calls are recorded at the links below:

  • Keeping Current Matters Webinar
    The housing market is a confusing place right now and consumers everywhere have been thrown for a loop. With the landscape changing every day, clients need you to take the lead as the trusted source of knowledge and education. We’ll show you exactly what’s happening in today’s housing market by focusing on the most meaningful data and translating that into powerful insights your clients can understand.

    On this webinar, we cover:

    • Will mortgage rates keep rising?

    • What’s ahead for home prices?

    • Should I buy a home right now?

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