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FUB <> Sisu Tag-Based Integration Details (Zapier)
FUB <> Sisu Tag-Based Integration Details (Zapier)
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*IMPORTANT*: In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

This is the recommended option for integrating Follow Up Boss contacts with Sisu transactions.

It's a simple tag-based integration that creates Sisu transactions from FUB tags, and then links those Sisu transactions in FUB custom fields so that your agents can fill out Sisu intake forms.

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Important Considerations

  • This integration will ONLY work if the user's name in FUB matches the user's name in Sisu. For example, if the user's name were "Zac Muir" in FUB and "Zachary Muir" in Sisu, nothing will come over

  • The integration will only work the first time a lead comes over from FUB, and not on repeat transactions. You will want to add subsequent transactions manually to Sisu. You can duplicate the existing transaction in Sisu as a base for repeat transactions.

  • This is for Sisu transactions only. You'll want to also set up a FUB<>Sisu Activity Integration using our partner, (this is free for Sisu customers).


The workflow is simple. Add a tag in FUB and it shows up as a transaction in Sisu.


Create the following tags in FUB exactly as they appear below:

  • BuyerApptSet

  • BuyerApptMet

  • BuyerSigned

  • SellerApptSet

  • SellerApptMet

  • SellerSigned

Create the following custom fields in FUB exactly as they appear below:

  • Sisu Buyer Link

  • Sisu Seller Link

Once you've done this, message our team (on the chatbox, or via [email protected]) with your FUB API key. We'll handle the rest.

Seeing the Integration in Action

Here's an example of the integration in action.

Video Note: To optimize viewing, watch this video on Loom. You can do this by clicking the square icon with an arrow coming out of it, which appears in the top-right corner of the video.

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