Important! In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

Topics in this article:

Overview, Highlights, and Key Features

  • The integration makes use of a "bridge" page to remove ambiguity on transaction selection. This is talked about more below.

  • You will manage Transaction information in Sisu (NOT in Chime) and it will be synced back to Chime.

  • You will manage Lead information in Chime (NOT in Sisu unless specifically overriding a field on a particular Sisu transaction for some reason) and it will be synced back to Sisu UNLESS the Sisu transaction is closed, lost, or locked OR if the field was manually changed in Sisu.

  • You will manage Appointment information in Chime (NOT in Sisu) using Chime's native appointment functionality.

  • Chime Dialer calls, texts, and emails are synced to Sisu. They are rolled up into the main Sisu activities ("Number of Dials", "Emails Sent", "Text Messages").

  • Manually logged calls, texts, and emails are synced to Sisu.

  • Historical and real-time Chime lead sources and lead source counts are synced to Sisu.

  • If a Sisu transaction is locked, the integration will not modify anything on it. In other words, changes in lead information in Chime will NOT flow back to that locked transaction.

  • The integration does NOT currently do anything with historical transactions - only open ones (i.e, not closed or lost).

  • The integration does NOT rely on Chime pipelines.

  • Currently, we can't do anything with "private" Chime leads - at all. They are 100% private. Only "team" Chime leads will work with the integration. This means we can't see "private" Chime leads nor can we see any activities (calls, texts, and emails) that are made to them.

  • If there are any API communication delays (which can occasionally happen) from either side of the integration (Chime or Sisu), the integration will "heal" and catch up when information begins to flow again. The activities won't be lost.

Note: For the sake of this KB article, the definition of an "open" Sisu transaction means any Sisu transaction that is NOT closed, lost, or deleted. So, for example, this would include Sisu transactions in the appt set, appt met, signed, pending, etc. statuses.

Things To Check BEFORE We Enable The Integration

The integration will create a custom Chime field (called "Sisu Link") and will populate it for EVERY "team" lead in Chime (again, we can't see "private" leads). Because of this, MAKE SURE you DON'T have any Chime smart plans running that have BOTH 1.) completely blank Conditions Met AND 2.) Auto Apply turned on. You shouldn't have any smart plans configured this way regardless, but if you do, when the integration populates the "Sisu Link" field on all of your leads, it could inadvertently trigger a smart plan to fire for them as well. (And if you do have a smart plan configured this way currently, you have probably been emailing/texting leads accidentally up to this point as well.)

Enabling the Integration

There are four steps to enable the integration:

Step 1:

Ensure ALL your current agents/users are created in Chime and Sisu and ensure their email addresses match EXACTLY between Sisu and Chime. [Note: if this isn't done correctly, nothing else will work.]

Step 2:

Ensure your current transactions have been created in Sisu.

[Note: Historical transactions can be imported into Sisu LATER since the Chime integration does NOT require them as a prerequisite for turning on the integration.]

This means Sisu transactions with these statuses: "Pending", "Signed" or "Live Listing", "Appt Met" (only if you have this information), and "Appt Set" (only if you have this information). Generally, it is best to simply create these transactions manually by hand as we can't import them from Chime.

Also, make sure each Sisu transaction you create has a "Contact Email" that exactly matches a Chime lead's email address.

Step 3:

Set up a meeting with Sisu's Chime integration team and read through this article. [Simply reach out to the Sisu Success Team with a new chat conversation inquiring about the Chime integration.]

After we meet with you, we will schedule an integration go-live night. Then, on this night, we will match the current transactions you have in Sisu to your Chime leads and any existing Chime transactions. Any Chime transactions that are matched or created and become linked via the integration will have "[Linked to Sisu]" appended to their name. For example, "123 Main St, Aspen, CO 12345 [Linked to Sisu]". These are the transactions that you don't want to delete in Chime since the integration will be managing them.

Things To Stop Using AFTER We Enable The Integration

After the integration is enabled, all new Sisu transactions MUST be created using the bridge page (this will make sense after reading further in the KB article). This means you will need to STOP creating transactions directly in Sisu (modifying them is fine).

Therefore, AFTER the integration is enabled...

DON'T use the '+' button on the Transactions tab:

DON'T use this section in the Record tab:

DON'T use the transaction duplication functionality in the Transactions tab:

Five Rules of Thumb When Using This Integration

  1. ALWAYS create new SISU transactions using the bridge page (otherwise the transaction will be invisible to the integration). However, you can modify transactions directly in Sisu bypassing the bridge page if desired (such as for your transaction coordinator's workflow).

  2. NEVER create OR modify CHIME transactions (the integration will maintain them once it creates them).

  3. ALWAYS use native Chime appointments (simply as they are intended to be used).

  4. Creating Chime appointments will NEVER create Sisu transactions by themselves (you MUST use the bridge page to create a Sisu transaction and pull over the Chime appointment information). However, they will update open Sisu transaction(s). This may take up to a minute or two to apply.

  5. ONLY manage your lead sources in Chime. NEVER use Sisu's lead source merging functionality with this integration. If you want to clean up your lead sources, do that in Chime and the integration will mirror them in Sisu. See more here.

Syncing Chime Transactions

  • After the integration is turned on, all existing Chime leads will have a lead-specific URL added to a custom field called "Sisu Link." You'll have to click "View Full Details" to see this field. This link will take you to the Sisu "bridge" page and is what you'll use to create or manage your Sisu transactions for that Chime lead. [Note: Newly created Chime leads will have this link added within a few minutes. If needed, you might have to refresh your Chime page in the browser.]

  • After the integration is turned on, new Sisu transactions MUST be CREATED via the bridge page. Do NOT create them directly in Sisu at this point. Modifying transactions directly in Sisu is fine, however.

Manage your LEAD information in Chime (NOT in Sisu)

  • Updating a Chime lead's information will update the corresponding details on any OPEN (not closed or lost) transactions in Sisu.

  • The Chime lead's "Source" will ALWAYS be synced to the Sisu transaction's "Lead Source" field.

  • The Chime lead's name and contact information will be synced to the corresponding OPEN Sisu transaction(s) UNLESS the corresponding field has been manually changed/overridden directly on a Sisu transaction. If you manually change/override a "lead" field directly on a Sisu transaction (which, in general, should be maintained in Chime), we assume you know what you are doing and it will take precedence. But 99.9% of the time, you should only be making "lead" field changes in Chime.

  • If the Sisu transaction is closed, lost, locked, or deleted (at which point it is 100% gone), the integration will NOT update it.

  • After reassigning a lead in Chime (referring only to the lead's primary "Agent"):

    • If the agent currently assigned to that lead's Sisu transaction(s) MATCHES the previously assigned agent on the Chime lead, then the integration will try to update the Sisu transaction(s) to the new agent.

    • If they DON'T MATCH (because you either deliberately picked someone else on the bridge page or you manually changed the agent assignment on the Sius transaction(s)), then the integration will NOT update the Sisu transaction(s) to that new agent.

    • Also, if there isn't a Sisu user with a matching email address to the newly-assigned Chime agent, the integration won't be able to update the Sisu transaction(s) to the new agent.

Manage your APPOINTMENT information in Chime (NOT in Sisu)

(Note - This is also how ISAs work in the integration.)

Succinct workflow steps that your agent or ISA will go through:

  1. Create the initial appointment in Chime.

  2. Immediately after creating the initial appointment in Chime, use the bridge page to create a new Sisu transaction (which will pull over the initial Chime appointment information and will set the "1st Time Appt Set" date on the Sisu transaction).

  3. After meeting with the client, complete/check off the initial Chime appointment (which will update the Sisu transaction(s) with the day the initial appointment was met by filling out the "1st Time Appt Met" field - this process can take up to a few minutes to populate this field).

More Details:

  • If there are no open Sisu transaction(s) for a lead, when you create an appointment in Chime for that lead, NOTHING will happen in Sisu UNTIL you use the bridge page to create a new Sisu transaction. At that point, the Chime appointment information will IMMEDIATELY be considered and carried into the newly-created Sisu transaction.

  • If there are open Sisu transaction(s) for a lead when you create an initial appointment in Chime for that lead, the integration will UPDATE all of the open Sisu transaction(s) to contain the initial Chime appointment information... however, we will not overwrite any pre-existing information on the Sisu transaction(s) if it was manually filled-in directly in Sisu. Additionally, this updating isn't quite a real-time process, so there can be a delay of a few minutes before the changes are reflected in the open Sisu transaction(s), but they should show eventually.

  • The integration considers the earliest "open" Chime appointment for a lead when sending that information to Sisu. What do we mean by "open"? The integration will only consider appointments that have been scheduled but not yet completed/checked-off. (This way if you have repeat business a year from now and send a new opportunity/appt set transaction to Sisu, we would not pull information from a year-old Chime appointment.)

  • When you modify or delete an appointment in Chime, we will NOT update the "1st Time Appt Set" and "Appt Set For" dates on the open Sisu transactions. The only reason these dates should be altered on the open Sisu transactions is if the appointment was made in error. When you simply update or delete a Chime appointment, the original "1st Time Appt Set" and "Appt Set For" dates on the open Sisu transaction(s) should persist.

  • If the logged-in Chime user creates a Chime appointment on a Chime lead for someone other than themself, then the "Appt Set By (ISA)" field will be set on the open Sisu transaction(s). (This is how your ISAs will work and what drives the ISA functionality in Sisu.) It does NOT matter who creates the Sisu transaction with the bridge page... the ONLY thing that sets the "Appt Set By (ISA)" field on the Sisu transaction is who created the Chime appointment.

  • When an appointment is marked as completed/checked-off in Chime, we will update any corresponding open Sisu transactions to set the "1st Time Appt Met" field. (To accommodate scenarios where an agent didn't mark their appointment complete until the next day or later, we always set this date based on the actual appointment date in Chime.)

The net of this is that we encourage teams to use appointments in Chime in a way that makes sense: they should be created whenever an agent is meeting with a lead, which allows you to take advantage of Chime's ability to sync the appointment to the agent's calendar, and also to send invitations and reminders to the lead. If the appointment needs to be rescheduled, make sure to EDIT it in Chime (do not delete the Chime appointment and create a new one), to ensure that calendar updates are also generated. We'll then surface this information in Sisu in a way that makes sense for Sisu reporting. Again, we only are interested in the first appointment set on the Chime lead in order to track ISA-to-agent conversion performance. If an agent wishes to track subsequent appointments with active clients in Chime (which they SHOULD do), Sisu is only ever concerned with the initial appointment.

Final note:

  • If you ever need to backdate the "1st Time Appt Set" and "1st Time Appt Met" dates in Sisu, you will have to do this manually in Sisu because you cannot create a Chime appointment in the past. Additionally, you will have to do this in a Sisu form other than the "Chime Buyer Form" or "Chime Listing Form" because you will need to do it in a form where those fields are NOT marked as "view-only" (and those fields SHOULD be marked "view-only" in those two forms). For example, you could probably do this in the default "Transaction Form" assuming you didn't change those fields in that form.

Manage your TRANSACTION information in Sisu (NOT in Chime)

  • Once an address is added to a transaction in Sisu AND the transaction is at a Sisu status of at least SIGNED, the integration will either create a new Chime transaction or update an existing Chime transaction as appropriate for that Chime lead that will then be directly linked to the Sisu transaction. (Note - The reason we wait until an address is added and the Sisu status is at least signed is twofold -- first, transactions in Chime must be named, so we will use the property address on the Sisu transaction as this name; second, we want to avoid cluttering Chime with transactions for leads who may not proceed beyond appointments. In Sisu, it's useful to begin tracking "transactions" as early as possible in the pipeline in order to report conversion metrics. However, in Chime it is arguably preferable to wait to create transactions until they're a little more certain, as other details about engagement with the lead are simply tracked on the lead itself.)

  • The above transaction syncing only occurs for Sisu transactions which are "linked" back to a Chime lead! Today, this linking occurs in one of two ways: when Sisu transactions are created by the integration via the bridge page, they will be automatically linked; secondly, when we first enabled your integration we linked existing Sisu transactions with Chime leads based on contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, and names.

  • From the Chime lead, you can access the linked Sisu transactions via the custom "Sisu Link" field. This will take you to that lead's "bridge" page. You may have to click "View Full Details" in the Chime lead's details section before you can see the "Sisu Link" field.

  • From the Sisu transaction, you can access the Chime lead via the custom "Chime Link" field. Transactions that have the "Chime Link" field filled out are linked either to a Chime lead or possibly even directly linked to a specific Chime transaction. A Sisu transaction that has a blank "Chime Link" field is NOT linked to anything in Chime and is effectively invisible to the integration. (Note - While we created you a custom "Chime Buyer Form" and a custom "Chime Listing Form" in Sisu that already contains this field, if you want this field to show up on additional Sisu forms, you must add it directly to those forms.)

  • Updating a transaction in Sisu will update the corresponding linked transaction in Chime and will overwrite whatever is in the linked Chime transaction. (Therefore, do NOT create or update Chime transactions manually.)

  • When Seller Sisu transactions are created via the bridge page, it will pull over the Mailing Address of the Chime lead. This does not happen for Buyer Sisu transactions.

  • See above for what happens to Sisu transactions when a Chime lead is reassigned to a different agent.

How linked CHIME transactions get created and managed by the integration when changes are made in Sisu:

First, a linked CHIME transaction will only get created by the integration once a SISU transaction reaches at least SIGNED and has an address added to it.

Second, the Chime transactions that are created and linked via the integration will have "[Linked to Sisu]" appended to their name. For example, "123 Main St, Aspen, CO 12345 [Linked to Sisu]". These are the transactions that you don't want to delete in Chime, but you can remove any duplicates that don't have "Linked to Sisu" appended to them.

Third, the integration will only manage the linked Chime transactions correctly IF you have Chime's default transaction pipeline stages set up. If you haven't changed the defaults, then you don't have anything to worry about. Specifically, we need the transaction pipeline stages shown below and they must match EXACTLY (and are case-sensitive). We don't use Chime's "Under Contract" transaction pipeline stage because this is the same as "Pending" in Sisu.

Assuming you have the transaction pipeline stages in Chime (EXACTLY as shown below), here is what happens to a linked Chime transaction as you modify the Sisu transaction:


  • Deleting a transaction in Sisu will delete the corresponding linked transaction in Chime.

  • As far as "unclaimed" MLS transactions in Chime go, you can delete them or ignore them. These are not necessary because you will be putting your transactions in Sisu well before you find out about them via your MLS. If you claim them and match them to existing Chime transactions, the integration will simply overwrite any changes they make anyway. Therefore, it's best to just delete them or ignore them.

Field Mappings

Lead Fields: You will manage Lead information in Chime (NOT in Sisu unless specifically overriding a field on a particular Sisu transaction) and the integration will synchronize to the lead's OPEN Sisu transactions (it won't touch closed transactions). If you manually override a "lead" field on an open Sisu transaction, the integration will not override your changes and will no longer sync to that field (on whatever particular open Sisu transaction you overrode it on).

Appointment Fields: You will manage Appointments in Chime (NOT in Sisu) and it will be synced to the lead's OPEN Sisu transactions or it will create a new Sisu transaction (once you create the new Sisu transaction via the bridge page) if no open Sisu transactions exist for that lead.

Transaction Fields: You will manage Transaction information in Sisu (NOT in Chime) and the integration will create AND synchronize to a Chime transaction but only after the Sisu transaction reaches at least SIGNED or greater AND has an ADDRESS associated with it. [Remember, you will never create or modify Chime transactions directly using this integration.]


  • Green fields should be modified directly.

  • Red fields should NOT be modified directly (unless you are overriding a lead field on a particular open Sisu transaction... but this should be rarely done if ever.)

Tracking Activities

The integration will track activities (calls, texts, and emails) made to "team" Chime leads. We can NOT see any activities made to "private" Chime leads. Again, "private" Chime leads are 100% private and we cannot see them or anything that happens to them currently.

Additionally, don't get scared off by the diagram below. It's only this detailed to allow for troubleshooting and to show the rollup of activities. Only the orange boxes with the white border will be displayed. The ones with the dashed border won't show up on your dashboard by default.

Note - Activity syncing is NOT a real-time process though we try to do it as fast as possible. Sometimes it can take a while for your Chime activities to show up in Sisu. (However, once those activities start flowing again, it will heal/catch up and record those past activities. Those past activities won't be lost.)

Phone Activities


  • Only Incoming and Outgoing Dialer Calls longer than 5 minutes are counted as Sisu Conversations. We can change this to a different threshold for your team if desired, but the default value is 5 minutes which is recommended for lead generation purposes. (i.e. If you didn't talk to someone for more than 5 minutes, it tends not to be a solid lead generation call.)

  • Manually logged calls with a "talked" outcome are also counted as Sisu Conversations.

  • If you manually "log" a call that you also made in the Chime dialer, it will be counted twice in the activity roll-up. If you need to manually log a call that was made from the Chime dialer for some reason, it will be better to manually log a "note" instead so the integration won't double count the call.

Text and Email Activities


  • Chime Dialer texts and emails are synced to Sisu, but we don't expose custom activities for them yet. They are simply rolled up into the Sisu core activities.

  • Manually logged texts and emails are also tracked and counted as Sisu Conversations.

Chime's Agent Accountability Report vs. your Sisu Dashboard

If you see different activity counts between your Sisu dashboard and your Chime Agent Accountability report, there are a few intentional reasons for this, and the below video highlights examples of where this can happen by analyzing a sample set of raw Chime activity data.

The spreadsheet in the video contains the raw Chime activity data that the integration has access to via the Chime API (Application Programming Interface - which is how the integration “talks” to Chime). Ultimately, Chime interprets this raw activity data in a certain way to determine what they want to show/count in the Chime web app (i.e. in the Agent Accountability report). However, the integration interprets this data as well, but it does so in a way that makes sense with Sisu’s conversion-centric reporting. Therefore, Chime and the integration are looking at the same raw data (minus activity data occurring on private leads since that is not accessible to the integration) behind the scenes to determine what should be displayed in the Chime web app and the Sisu web app respectively. But this interpretation can be intentionally different.

Eventually, we will implement the report in the video as a web interface, but for now, if you need one of these reports, we can generate it for you - just ask us. 👍

Tracking Lead Source Counts

Lead Sources

  • Any lead sources found in Chime will be automatically created in Sisu.

  • The Lead Source field on Sisu transactions drives the Lead Sources by Agent and Lead Sources by Sales Stage reports in Sisu. These reports do NOT utilize the Lead Source Counts or Lead Source Expenses.

  • Chime is treated as the "single source of truth" for lead information. If you want to fix your lead sources, fix them in Chime first. Do NOT use the Lead Source Merging functionality in Sisu.

Lead Source Counts

  • Tracked in near real-time for the team as well as per agent.

  • Full historical lead source counts are pulled from Chime (using the Reg Date of the lead).

  • The Lead Source Counts (and Lead Source Expenses) drive the Lead Source ROI by Agent and Lead Source ROI by Lead Source reports in Sisu. This KB article talks more about this. These reports utilize the Lead Source field on Sisu transactions in conjunction with the Lead Source Counts and Lead Source Expenses.

  • Do NOT update the Lead Source Counts manually in Sisu - only update the Lead Source Expense in Sisu. If you update the Lead Source Counts in Sisu, they will simply get overwritten by the integration.

  • In Sisu, this is found in Admin > Lead Sources > Counts and Expenses (for a particular lead source)

  • The integration currently does NOT do "At Bats" and instead functions as described below:

Lead Source Expenses

  • You DO need to fill this out in Sisu manually for the Lead Source(s). The integration does not do this since this information isn't stored in Chime.

  • In Sisu, this is found in Admin > Lead Sources > Counts and Expenses (for a particular lead source)

Current Limitations

  • Currently, we can't do anything with "private" Chime leads - at all. They are 100% private. Only "team" Chime leads will work with the integration. This means we can't see "private" Chime leads nor can we see any activities (calls, texts, and emails) that are made to them.

  • The integration only works if ALL Chime users are also Sisu users. We can support the inverse of this where only a subset of Sisu users are Chime users, but not the other way around at the moment. For example, if an entire brokerage uses Chime, but only a subset of the agents want to use Sisu, we can't currently handle this situation.

  • The integration can only integrate Chime with a Sisu "Real Estate" account. It can not currently integrate with a Sisu "Recruiting" account nor a Sisu "Mortgage" account.

  • The integration will work with a regular Chime account or a Chime Enterprise account. Due to integration complexity arising from integrating with a Chime Multi-Team account (or specifically, the complexity that arises from any future team structure changes that are needed after the integration is turned on - such as upgrading to a Chime Enterprise account later on), we only support that Chime account type under special circumstances and we will talk with you about this. There are times when the proper course of action would be to migrate your Chime Multi-Team account to a Chime Enterprise account before enabling this integration.

Coming Soon Enhancements

  • An "Activity Insight" page (similar to what is shown in the video above)

  • Self-service configuration pages

  • Configuration of what a "conversation" means for texts and emails.

  • Ability to assign a TC to a Sisu transaction from a custom TC role on the lead in Chime.

  • If you have used Chime transactions and they are up-to-date and accurate, we will be able to sync those over to Sisu directly from Chime.

Future Potential Enhancements

  • Client Branding of the "Bridge Page".

  • Tagging in Chime to trigger custom Activities in Sisu.

Common Troubleshooting

Activity counts seem off?

  • Does each of your users in Chime and Sisu have a matching email address (the one they log in with)? If not, the integration won't correctly work for those users.

  • We are currently working with Chime to resolve issues in the Chime Agent Accountability report.

Don't see the Sisu Link (i.e. the bridge page link) on a Chime lead?

  • If you just created the Chime lead, you might need to wait up to 5 minutes.

  • Is the Chime lead "private"? If so, the integration can't see it. The lead must be a "team" lead. And if you change it from "private" to "team", it can take 10 minutes or so for the link to generate.

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