Sisu offers you access to three separate environments when working with the system.


Your day-to-day operations should happen in the production environment, This is the latest and most stable version of the platform, with all the officially tested and released features and functionality.


Want to check out features early, or help beta test them?

You can do this at Just head to that URL and login using your same credentials.

The only difference between Beta and Production is that Beta has some brand new features that have been somewhat tested, but are still in testing and aren't completely ready for production.

It's important to note that Beta and Production share the same database. If you change something in Beta, it WILL reflect that change in production.


Think of staging as a Sandbox. You can come in here and play whenever you want. It has a completely separate database, so you could completely mess everything up without any repercussions. Just make sure you actually ARE in your staging database at before you go crazy 😂

Staging is what a lot of our development partners use when they are testing add-on products or integrations. It's also what savvy operations managers use to test updates before they make them in a live environment.

Staging gets refreshed every monday. So any changes you make Tuesday-Sunday will be whiped out on Monday with a fresh snapshot, taken from your live database at that time.

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