*IMPORTANT*: In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

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  • Users must use Sierra Interactive Admin API Key to connect the SynchBot.

  • Sierra user login email address must match the Sisu user login email address exactly.

  • The tags specified in the SynchBot's Target Options must also be created in Sierra to be recognized by the SynchBot.

Setup Instructions

  1. From your Real Synch dashboard, click + Add SynchBot.

  2. Connect Sierra Interactive as your Source and Sisu as your Target.

  3. Click Connect on the Sierra Interactive icon and a verification screen will appear.

  4. Next, log in to your Sierra Interactive Admin/Owner account.

  5. Select Integrations from the drop-down settings menu, select the Sierra Interactive icon from the list of available integrations, and copy the provided API key.

  6. Then paste the API Key in your source credentials.

  7. Click Verify and then Close


Any tag added to a lead in Sierra Interactive that is also enabled in your SynchBot's Target Options will trigger a synch to create or update a Transaction in Sisu.

Buyer Tags

Seller Tags

For example, adding the Signed tag to a lead in Sierra Interactive will create a Transaction in Sisu and increment the Buyers Signed dial by one:

You can also create custom tags to match the Sierra tags you want to use. Once a new tag is added in your SynchBot, you can delete the preset tag (please see video below).

For the Conversations tag to increment the related activity counter in Sisu, the user will need to create a custom activity counter in Sisu with the same name.

Video Note: To optimize viewing, watch this video on Loom. You can do this by clicking the square icon with an arrow coming out of it, which appears in the top-right corner of the video.

Agent Activities

  • Log a Call: this will increment the Dials counter in Sisu by one:

  • Email Sent: this will increment the Email Sent counter in Sisu by one:

  • Text Sent: this will increment the Text Messages counter in Sisu by one:

Note: Text Sent will increment the Text Conversation dial in Sisu when two text messages have been sent by the Agent and two text messages have been received from the Buyer.

  • Next, click Instructions on the Sisu icon.

  • In RealSynch, fill in your Team Name and Token. Then, click Verify and Close.

    • Note: To find the Team Name and Token info in Sisu, click Admin > Team Settings > API Credentials.

  • Next, click Target Options and Custom Mappings to ensure the following triggers are enabled if you would like to turn on Lead Source ROI Reporting.

Note: Please read this article explaining tagging before activating your SynchBot.

  • Both Source and Target connections should now display as Verified. Click Next and then Activate.

Your synch is now active! You can access and update your SynchBot's Source and Target Options by clicking the wrench icon next to the Source and Target on the Real Synch dashboard.

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