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How does Sisu Recruiting work?
How does Sisu Recruiting work?

A similar, intuitive interface and workflow

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If you're used to Sisu for managing your real estate sales, you'll pick up on the recruiting platform real quick.

In Sisu, the main data objects are "transactions." In the Recruiting & Onboarding add-on, they are called "Recruits."

In Sisu, you keep track of your transaction pipeline, active transactions, closed transactions, and lost transactions. In the Recruiting & Onboarding add-on, you keep track of prospective recruits, new recruits, active agents, and lost agents.

Adding a recruit works the same as adding a transaction, and you can track data similarly.

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The add-on becomes your agent roster

No more spreadsheets for keeping track of your agents and their details.

Take your existing roster and have our team upload it. You can do this by sending the excel/CSV file to our team via the chatbox or emailing [email protected].

The add-on also supports custom fields, so you can track just about anything about your agents and then run reports on it.

Want to see who has a birthday this month so that you can do a combined birthday party rather than six birthday parties this month?

Michael Scott wouldn't recommend this, but you can filter your "recruits" the same way you would filter transactions in your core Sisu platform.

Use Sisu for your onboarding checklists

Onboarding can become a nightmare. Sisu helps you eliminate disparate checklists and spreadsheets used to bring on new agents.

Similar to how you can create task lists and transaction stages from admin>tasks in our real estate platform, You can do the same thing in the add-on for onboarding agents, creating stages that they move through and tasks that are assigned to your administrative staff at each stage of the process.

You can create task lists for off-boarding as well to ensure those critical tasks are handled.

The side bonus—awesome reporting on your recruiting and onboarding!

When you track metrics directly in the Recruiting add-on (via the Record tab at the top of Sisu), rather than in spreadsheets or disparate systems, you'll have no "dead data."

This means all the data and tasks that you're working so hard to manage in the system will be active and readily reported on. You'll have a main dashboard that will tell you how many recruits you brought on, how many you lost, what your net agent growth is, and even track recruiting metrics such as appointments, recruiting conversations, prospecting, and more.

All of the reports you love in Sisu (lead source reporting, conversion rates... you name it) will be available for you in your Recruiting & Onboarding add-on.

Does the Recruiting add-on integrate with other systems?

RealSync does support integration into the Recruiting add-on. If a team has two instances, Real Estate and Recruiting, and wants to integrate both, Sisu will support this free of charge for all Premier level subscriptions (Recruiting is only covered under Premier).

Ready to see it in action?

To see the Recruiting & Onboarding add-on in play with one of our clients, click here.

Video Tour

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