The Sisu team has a set of zaps and a corporate Zapier account that work great for integrating the two platforms. ¬†Not only are we saving you time, we're saving you $20/mo... How's that for service? ūüėĄ

Want to make that happen?  Here are the steps:

  1. Watch the video below. Be sure that the workflow established in the video is one that you want for your team.  If so, we may need to create some custom pipeline stages.  If you have your own existing pipeline stages you want us to use (see note below), let us know. 
  2. Log into your Sisu account and open up a chat conversation (lower right corner) and let us know you want a Chime integration.  Let us know your Chime admin login credentials as well as any existing pipelines that you want us to use (see note below).
  3. Additionally, we will need the Chime API Key from each of your user's Chime accounts.  Provide each user's name with their associated API key in the chat as well.  You will find it in their account here:

Be sure to watch the video below to make sure that everything will work how you want it to.  We can do some customization of the zap in the way it works, but this template seems to be the one that works the best. 

As the video below describes, our recommendation is to create these pipelines:

  • Appointment Set
  • Appointment Met
  • Listed
  • Currently Showing

Note: we are commonly asked if you need to use the pipeline stages stated in the video. The answer is no. You can use your own pipelines if desired. However, you will want to make sure you have pipelines that fit logically with Sisu reporting (i.e. a pipeline that means appointment set, appointment met, buyer signed (currently showing) and listing signed (listed)). If you'd rather not create those pipelines, just let us know which of your existing pipelines fit the mold. 

Troubleshooting this Zap:

  1. The Chime integration looks at the agent's first and last name.  If I am "Zachary Muir" in Chime and "Zac Muir" in Sisu, it won't match.  The names need to match exactly. 
  2. If leads don't have at least a first and last name, they will not transfer over into Sisu.  So make sure your agents enter a last name (even if it's a dummy last name) before moving leads over into Appointment Set, Appointment Met, Listed, or Currently Showing. 
  3. The integration is pretty quick.  Shouldn't be more than a 1-2 minute lag from Zapier on seeing the results in your Sisu account.

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