Important! In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

CINC Dialer Summary emails contain valuable information on prospecting activities for your agents. These emails can be set up to feed directly into the Sisu system. 

Here are the steps (the below video walks through this as well, but please note #2 below as the video incorrectly mentions that you need our team to send the code back to you - we do not, it's automatic): 

  1. You'll need to turn on CINC Dialer Summary emails from your settings inside CINC. This will send a dialer summary report to your email each day summarizing agent prospecting activities for the previous day. 

  2. Create a new forwarding address in your email settings for [email protected]. Once you request to make this a new forwarding address, you should automatically get an email from our mailparser which includes the code that you need to add to complete the setup.

  3. Create a search based on "Subject:(Dialer Summary)" and turn it into a filter, with rules to forward to [email protected].

  4. Apply the filter, and you're good to go! 

Once this is all set up, send us a chat message saying that you would like us to configure the parsing of the CINC Dialer Summary emails on our side. When configured on our side (we'll let you know), your daily Dialer Summary emails from CINC (which are for the previous day) will automatically parse into Sisu.

The data maps accordingly:

  1. "Leads Queued" minus "Canceled" will route to the default activity "NUMBER OF DIALS" in Sisu for the particular agent.

  2. "Spoke To (> 30s)" will route to the metric "CONVERSATIONS" in Sisu for the particular agent.

Here is an example of what the Dialer Summary email (that you configure to forward to us as per the instructions) looks like that we parse:

Video Note. To optimize viewing, watch this video on Loom by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the video.

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