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Agent Activity Metrics
: When Firepoint users log any of the following activities the synch increments the related counter in Sisu.

  • Calls a Lead from within Firepoint.
  • Conversations - durations of call exceeds 90 seconds
  • Text sent from Firepoint - counts 1 per day per unique lead

Create or Update Lead in Firepoint → Create or Update Sisu Transaction:

  • Trigger: When a Firepoint user creates or updates a Lead into 1 of the selected Lead Statuses → the synch Creates or Updates a Client Transaction in Sisu.
  • Trigger: When an Firepoint User adds a specified tag to a Lead → the synch Creates or Updates a Client Transaction in Sisu. 
  • The following fields are mapped from Firepoint to Sisu

Synch Requirements:

Synch Limitations:  

  • Only Available in Team or Broker subscription plans
  • Firepoint Transaction screen and Opportunities and Closing screen are not currently supported in Firepoint API

Synch Setup

Register for Real Synch with a Team or Broker subscription.

  1. Click “Add New Synch” button > Source: Choose Firepoint > Target: Choose Sisu
  2. Click “Instructions” link for Firepoint - follow on screen directions to retrieve your Office an Agent API key. Click Verify
  3. Click “Instructions” link for Sisu- follow on screen directions to retrieve your UserName/TeamName and API Token values. Click Verify
  4. When both Source and Target are verified > Click “Next” button
  5. Configure Source or Target Options before clicking “Activate” button to complete the process
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