Important! In order for an agent's data to sync to Sisu, they need to be an active user on your Sisu roster.

The Sisu team has a set of zaps and a corporate Zapier account that works great for integrating the two platforms. Not only are we saving you time, but we're also saving you $20/month. How's that for service? 😄

All you need to do is log into your Sisu account and open up a chat conversation (lower right corner) and ask for a CINC integration. Include your website URL and an admin username/password (we'll need full access to the account to set it all up). 

Yea, that's all you have to do. 

Oh, and you should probably watch the video below to make sure that everything will work how you want it to. We can do some customization of the zap in the way it works, but this template seems to be the one that works the best. Watch the video to make sure this integration will work the way you want it to.


  • This is a one-way integration—it will only push information from CINC to Sisu (not the other direction).

  • The integration is ONLY triggered when one of the Sisu labels is added to a lead in CINC. Removing one of the Sisu labels from a lead in CINC does NOT trigger any changes to Sisu. In this case, you will have to manually update the transaction in Sisu.

  • Emails and texts are not transferred via this integration and neither is dialer information. However, dialer information can be done via a separate integration. If this is needed, let us know.

  • There MUST be a First Name, Last Name, and Email Address on the lead in CINC BEFORE adding one of the above tags. If there isn't, it will fail.

  • The names and email addresses of your agents in CINC must match the names and email addresses used in Sisu EXACTLY. They can not have any difference in spelling or case and there can't be any additional spaces before or after the name.

  • If you have an agent with a multi-part first name or multi-part last name, you'll need to combine the parts and remove the space in Sisu and in CINC so they match exactly. For example, using a made-up name of "Jon Van Buren", the first name would be "Jon" but the last name would need to be "VanBuren" (removing the space) in Sisu and CINC. If the space is in the last name, the agent's numbers will not sync to Sisu properly.

  • If you are sending your leads to a "Pond Account" in CINC, you must assign the lead to a specific agent BEFORE you apply the Sisu tags to the lead. Do not apply the Sisu tags to the lead while it is still assigned to the Pond Account or it will not work.

  • Finally, this integration only needs to be configured for one CINC admin account, which it now is. It does not need to be set up for each agent.

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