Once you’ve got your data entered into Sisu, you should be pulling insights out of it left and right.

The newly released transaction screen makes those insights even more accessible.

You can now pair filters based on any field in the platform. Want to know how many Zillow leads closed within a certain zip code with a certain lead creation date? Done. Just slap the filters on there and you’ll have your report.

Go one step further and save that report as a new filter. Whenever you want to come back and revisit, you’ll be one click away.

Here are some creative ideas for insights you could pull using the new filters:

  • Use the “estimated purchase date” to build up pipeline reports based on when your agents expect certain deals to close.
  • Look at the number of $500,000+ transaction amount listings with a certain lead source.
  • Show the number of deals that used your preferred mortgage lender with a group of agents.
  • See the status of all your leads that were created 3 months ago and are now in Sisu as qualified, hot clients.
  • Show which lead sources are most likely to use your preferred vendors

If you have another creative idea for a filter, let us know on the chat box below. We love ideas!

Tracking Real Estate Business Expenses In Sisu

We’ve had the ability to track your transactional and lead source expenses in Sisu for quite some time.

Of course, there are expenses outside of those two buckets. For example, rent, wages, utilities, etc.

We now allow you to factor those in under admin>expenses. You can assign expenses to a particular bucket as well as showing who/which entity was paid for a certain expense.

These expenses factor into y

GCI – Agent Paid Income – Bucket Expenses – Transactional expenses (not shown here, but they are factored into the equation) = total company dollar, sometimes also referred to as team income.

You can enter predicted expenses or recurring expenses for future months as well. This means you can run the team income report for future months to evaluate the health of your business.

Everyone in the industry talks about tracking.

It’s not about tracking.

Frankly, that’s the boring part.

The fun part is when you get to pull insights out of the data. And we’re committed to creating the best home for your data. It should be easy to use, simple to leverage for motivation and coaching and it should sure as heck look good.

Give us your feedback—we have so many ideas brewing at all times but we’re always committed to the innovation that most affects our customers.

In fact, that’s why we chose to prioritize the transaction screen in this update. It’s the most viewed and utilized page in the entire platform.

We appreciate your business!

-The Sisu Team.

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