Once again, we are very pleased to be introducing some exciting new features to our platform. 

  • Custom Branding: We are now offering customized theming to our platform! Replace our logo and colors with your own custom logo and primary colors all the way from the desktop platform to the mobile app. Elevate your business and increase recruiting efforts when you provide your branding in Sisu. Reach out and ask us how we can make this happen for you.   
  • Dashboard Display Flexibility: Each team and brokerage may be different, we now provide flexibility in what is displayed on your Dashboards.  
  • Outside Coach Permissions: In our last update, we introduced the ability to create groups within Sisu. We've now made it even better, allowing you to assign your outside coaches that will now also have access to view and analyze only certain data for their assigned group within Sisu; however restricting access to your Income Reports.  
  • Team Expense Tracking & Reporting: To have even more accurate reporting, we've now added in a Team Expense Report. Go to Admin | Expenses to start keeping track of your monthly expenses that will impact your income. All expenses, based on the reporting timeframe will be visible for under Reports | Income. 
  • Profile Picture Selection from the Web Platform: On-boarding new agents is even easier with the the ability to add your profile picture from our web platform! Go to Account | Profile and pick your best photo.  
  • More Metrics Displayed in the Snapshot Page:  Compare ALL your data year over year on our Snapshot page. Select the metric you would like to view at the top of each graph to help you visualize your highs and lows throughout the year.  
  • Lead Source ROI Reporting Per Agent: Our Lead Source ROI Report will now allow you to view ROI for not only the team as a whole but each individual agent as well.  
  • Printing Commission Disbursement Authorizations: We have also added in the ability to print the commission form on any transaction.

For a more detailed overview of these updates as well as a visual demonstration, please watch the video included below:

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