Rolling out Sisu is a pretty painless process as it normally involves replacing a lot of spreadsheets that are eating away at your time already. 

We've broken it down into four basic steps. 

You nail these steps, you nail the rollout of your platform.

Importing any available past data

The purpose of this isn't to rip your hair out trying to track down every single piece of data you can. Rather, you should focus on the bigger picture—specifically, how many transactions you've closed this deal and how much income was generated. Use the guide here to get started. Don't worry—if you want to start with a clean slate, that's great too!

Integrating with your current systems and processes

Your CRM is a good place to start looking for possible integrations. You should also take a look at internal processes that may be taking time and seeing where Sisu can optimize. We have walkthroughs to setting up integrations with some of the industry's most popular CRM systems here.

Goal, Fields, and Agent Setup

Here's how to setup the fields your team will use to track
Here's how to get your agents set up with a Sisu login
Here's how to setup agent goals (many teams will have their agents do this)
Here's how to setup team goals


Once the system is up and ready to go, it's time to announce to your agents. Make sure that your admin staff is trained on the system. Administrators should watch this video to understand the flow of data through Sisu

Agents should check out this article to get started. 

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