API Nation is one of Sisu's excellent integration partners.

The biggest advantages in partnering with API Nation for your integration are that you'll have two teams supporting you in getting it set up and you'll work with experts who manage integrations for dozens of different real estate applications and technologies. 

The feature set of the integration is rapidly expanding (and it may have expanded already by the time you are reading this) and the functionality as of May 8, 2019 is as follows and you can turn on/off different parts of the synch as desired:

Prospecting Activities

  • Calls and dials made in Boomtown pull into Sisu
  • Appointments logged in Boomtown (To-do's type "meeting) will log in the "appointment set" activity metric in Sisu. This metric is not tied to any transactions in your system, but rather keeps it simple and gives you an idea of how many appointments any agent has set. 
  • These metrics work independent of lead stage. It doesn't matter if an agent in Boomtown is calling nurtures, new leads, hot leads, trashed leads, etc. The integration looks at the profile of each agent and logs calls in Sisu accordingly (you must make sure that the emails used for your agents to log into Boomtown and Sisu are matching)
  • These items can be updated in Sisu in as little as 5 minutes. 

Transactional Data (BT to Sisu)

  • When a lead is moved to any lead stage in Boomtown, you can move it into Sisu. We recommend setting this up to pull in "hot" and "pending" leads, as these are the most relevant for tracking in the system. 
  • Client first/last name, email and phone number come over with the synch 
  • This synch has a minimal 5 minute lag time.

Transactional Data (Sisu to BT)

  • Once a lead has a current under contract date, API Nation will create a transaction related to the pertinent client in Boomtown. This helps keep your Boomtown system up to date with the items you are tracking in Sisu. 
  • The transaction will be triggered automatically once the transaction is under contract in Sisu, pulling over GCI, Paid Income, and other relevant dates (such as a potential projected closing date) with it. 
  • This synch has a minimal 5 minute lag time to show up as a transaction in your Boomtown system.

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